Intelligent Decisioning signs Microsoft Partner Pledge

Microsoft Partner Pledge logo

ID are proud to announce that they have officially signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge as of November 2021. Sustainability has been a focus for us here at Intelligent Decisioning Ltd. for some time. Our ongoing flexible working arrangements help in reducing commuting emissions, and we limit paper-based work where possible. We have also provided apprenticeship and work experience opportunities that have allowed students to explore the industry in greater depth. In fact, two of our current full-time employees joined us as a result of these schemes.

Alongside over 200 other organisations, ID have committed to promote the five critical goals outlined by Microsoft through their partner pledge.

We too believe ‘in the role technology can play in addressing broader societal challenges’. We aim to focus our support on:

Digital Skills

82% of jobs require Digital Skills. Through the Digital Skills Hub, people can develop skill sand increase their chances of employment.


We believe in helping young people kickstart their careers with the help of industry leading experts. Microsoft’s Apprentice Network supports people in gaining qualifications through on the job training to support eh early stages of the career.


A diverse team brings more creativity, innovation and variation. The Tech Talent Charter is committed to supporting teams and individuals through their dedication to enhancing diversity within tech sector.

Responsible and Ethical AI

AI for Good and The Future Computed both ensure Artificial Intelligence is developed and implemented in its most ethical way.


Microsoft aims to be Carbon Negative by 2030. This level of commitment to reducing emissions and protecting our planet is an essential part of the Microsoft Partner Pledge, and of our continued commitment to sustainability.

You can read more about what these five goals entail on the Microsoft partner pledge page.

We are actively seeking out opportunities to support these goals further, including helping schools with interview practice to researching further ways to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

We look forward to supporting Microsoft’s goals of improving the UK’s technological workforce.