Custom Truck and Their Journey to Digital Transformation

Intelligent Decisioning improves efficiency at Custom Truck with the Microsoft Office 365 and Power Platform

The Business Problem

Custom Truck is the worlds largest single source provider of commercial trucks and equipment and they approached Intelligent Decisioning (id) with problems and inefficiencies in their current processes asking for help to transform and improve the productivity of their business.

The Custom Truck problems list was:

  • A reliance on aging database technology and suffering data loss and downtime
  • Internal auditors were completing paper based records while at Custom Truck sites which were then entered to the database on their return to the office
  • Newly introduced Enterprise Planning software needed a friendly user interface to allow staff to reserve stock and place orders
“Intelligent Decisioning understood what we needed and have really helped us along the road to achieving our Digital Transformation aims. We're delighted to continue our close working relationship ”
Rusty Wolf

Our Approach

Our Power Platform consultants worked closely with senior CT stakeholders and the frontline staff to quickly and efficiently develop Power Platform applications tailored to the specific requirements of CT. 

Using Office 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform, which is available to all Office 365 using organisations, allowed id to develop a series of bespoke applications which helped remove the Access database and allow the business to grow

Due to the distance between CT (North America) and id (UK based) all meetings, updates, demos and training were all held in Microsoft Teams, thereby removing travelling time, costs and reducing both organisations carbon footprints. 

Key Features

Using the apps delivered by id saves the Custom Truck staff time and the organisation money. Mobile devices such as iPad and iPhones are used to capture data while on site and it’s seamlessly secured in the Custom Truck environment without the need to send paper based documents back to the Head Office for keying.

The application developed to Custom Truck exact requirements ensures  consistent data entry and has reduced the amount of errors and mistakes.

The use of the Custom Trucks have freed staff up from spending time doing administrative tasks and allows them to focus on what they do best; delivering a great customer service.

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The Value Add

Custom Truck have also deployed ids’ Mercury  product into their Office 365 tenant and it has been received as a great success. Today the Custom Truck intranet is used by hundreds of employees across North America and is seen as the cornerstone of the Custom Truck Digital Workplace revolution. 

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