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SharePoint Intranet for Ofgem

Intelligent Decisioning builds a SharePoint Intranet for Ofgem.

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The Business Problem

When we first met with Ofgem, they had an ageing intranet that no longer met the needs of the Internal Communications team. Their previous intranet acted as an obstacle to even the most basic information sharing and collaborative working, rendering it not fit for purpose. Working with the team revealed an appetite for a much wider redevelopment that would support a shift to a more open and collaborative working culture.

Their vision was clear – staff at Ofgem wanted an intranet that motivated them to share and collaborate, inspired them to make a positive difference to energy consumers and to find the information they need, fast.

Our platform was the basis for a social enterprise intranet, with integration of knowledge management tools implemented through the Strategic Transformation Program.

“Integrating SharePoint Foundation with your product/solution adds feature rich Document Management & Collaboration functionality with minimal investment.”

Alex Clark, Director at Intelligent Decisioning

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Our Approach

Intelligent Decisioning (id) implemented a SharePoint 2013 Publishing Portal using our Mercury framework to give the Internal Communications team a platform to publish the Corporate Vision to all Ofgem employees.

The project was delivered using agile software design.  This method is based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organising, cross-functional teams. It allows us to build software that grows with the company, standing the test of time.

By promoting adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery in a time-boxed, logical approach it encouraged a rapid and flexible response to change. We hit deadlines consistently, often exceeding expectations for the quality and functionality of the products we deliver.

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Key Features

id provided development resources and a business analysis/testing resource to ensure the requirements of the project were fulfilled promptly and accurately. All the functionality delivered was Office 365 ready, helping to streamline the transition process.

We designed an engaging Homepage highlighting the Internal Communication’s News and Notifications. id also integrated a level of Personalisation to allow users to choose their favourite links and Notification Feeds to subscribe to. News was aggregated in a News Portal bringing together corporate news, notifications from around the business, corporate publications and other news. One-click navigation allows staff to access key data with ease, and each division was given a site to communicate their news, documents and resources.

The Value Add

The tailor-made intranet id designed provides an engaging and inspiring has helped to develop a culture of collaborative working and synergy for Ofgem, and has allowed for easier access and use of the company's resources. Our agile development technique means the interface will continue to be useful and relevant as the company grows and evolves, and the intuitive design makes it simple to use for every employee.