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Enterprise Knowledgebase for Experian

Intelligent Decisioning builds an enterprise knowledgebase and FAQ solution for Experian.


The Business Problem

Global Technology Services, within Experian, required a solution which allowed international employees to access an existing knowledge base that provided guidance on company policies and processes.

The solution needed to help employees to find answers to commonly asked questions, such as 'How do I reset my LAN password?' which are handled by the IT Helpdesk on a regular basis.

id are extremely talented and have exceptional people skills. id's professionalism, enthusiasm and technical know how are all outstanding. My team works with different vendors each year and id's annual performance is at or near the top.”

David Ritter, Global SharePoint Administrator Lead at Experian


Our Approach

Our business analyst resource worked closely with Experian project stakeholders to understand the scope and requirements of the solution, and to consult with Experian to discover the most cost effective method for the solution.

The project was managed using agile with weekly project meetings with Experian stakeholders to ensure the progress of the project was always moving in the direction that Experian had expected.


Key Features

The solution was delivered as a SharePoint Publishing Site on Experian's existing SharePoint 2013 Farm. Using the advanced Search functionality of SharePoint 2013 we were able to produce a portal for employees to find answers using a click based catalogue of the pages (answers) within the site but also provide them with the ability to search and find pages based on keywords using a custom search results page.

The solution used Managed Metadata tags to standardise the categorisation and associated information of each page, improving search results for employees trying to find answers to their questions.

The solution was developed using only client-side code and SharePoint client services. By removing the need for server-side code, we were able to develop much quicker, reducing the risk on the SharePoint Farm and reduce the overhead on the SharePoint Administrators.

The Value Add

The solution has helped Global Technology Services centralise all their public facing help guides and processes, with a friendly and easy to use interface enabling employees to find  answers to commonly asked questions throughout the corporation.

The solution provides answers without the need for contacting the Helpdesk, reducing the number of calls made, reducing bureaucracy and increasing employee productivity.

SharePoint's Content Management tools let you build easy to use knowledgebases. Contact us to find out more.