LTE Group - Digital Workplace

Intelligent Decisioning deliver LTE a Digital Workplace in Office 365

The Business Problem

LTE group is a unique social enterprise, dedicated to providing quality learning, training and employment opportunities across the UK.

LTE Group required a level of organisation and control in the way they stored and organised the documents across their large group of organisations. 

The LTE Group front line workers, who were mainly prison based staff, were often left feeling out of the loop with their existing Intranet and they wished to provide a greater feeling of engagement for them. 

“Intelligent Decisioning have brought a much needed level of organisation and vigour to the way we stored and organised our documents across our group. We now have a known and trusted “single source of the truth” for our organisation wide information that is reviewed on a regular basis.”

Our Approach

id met with senior stakeholders at LTE Group to discuss their requirements and to demonstrate how ids Mercury intranet product  would meet and surpass their current, and future, needs. 

The main deployment of Mercury was completed within a day and id worked with LTE Group to deliver the configuration required to deliver the Digital Workplace and Digital Employee Experience that LTE Group required..  

Mercury supports deep integration with ids docCentrum product and provides a single point for all LTE Group employees to go and find, news, events and important organisational documents. 

Key Features

id delivered

  • a modern channel for internal digital communications across all modern devices and browsers 
  • a one stop shop for all the information and tools needed by the LTE Group employee needs 
  • a platform that would support the differing brands of the LTE Group organisations and allow rapid location of important documents and information and thereby reduce the amount of rework
  • a single source of the truth through the deployment and adoption of docCentrum as the centre piece of their document management activity 
  • the retirement of an existing intranet and migrated content to the new intranet 

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The Value Add

id continue to work with LTE Group helping them further along the road to digital transformation. 

The ongoing relationship between LTE Group and id will result in the development of more efficient processes, cost savings and further carbon footprint reduction for LTE Group. 


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