Blue Property Management Journey to Digital Transformation

Intelligent Decisioning improves processes at Blue Property Management with the Microsoft Power Platform

The Business Problem

Blue Property Management (BPM) approached Intelligent Decisioning (id) through their Managed Service Provider Air-IT. BPM were experiencing problems and inefficiencies with their current processes and practices and asked id for help to transform their business.

The BPM problems list was:

  • Over reliance on an on-premise, inaccessible when onsite, database
  • Engineers were completing paper based records while onsite which needed to be manually entered on return to the office – this was proving costly, time consuming and error prone.


“Working with Intelligent Decisioning was a great experience and we've benefitted a lot as an organisation. We look forward to continuing our journey of Digital Transformation with id”
Peter Evans

Our Approach

id used the Microsoft Power Platform, available through Microsoft Office 365 (previously known as Office 365), to develop a series of bespoke applications which allowed BPM front line workers to go mobile and record details of property inspections and maintenance while onsite at the property

Our expert Power Platform consultants worked closely with BPM senior management and their frontline staff to quickly and efficiently develop Power Platform specific applications tailored to the specific requirements of BPM.

Key Features

The day to day use of these apps saves BPM staff time and money time by removing the rekey element from the original manual reports – the data choices and validation built into the applications ensures  consistent data entry and has reduced the amount of errors and mistakes.

These digital apps save BPM money every month/year and they have reduced the amount of paper helping reduce their carbon footprint and move them towards being a greener organisation all round.

The use of the BPM specific apps have freed staff up from spending time doing administrative tasks and allows them to focus on what they do best; delivering a great property management service.

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The Value Add

id continue to work with BPM helping them to get further along the road to digital transformation. This ongoing relationship will result in more efficient processes, cost savings and further carbon footprint reduction for BPM.

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