The Problem:

Beyond Housing was facing a critical issue with their existing intranet solution. Their current intranet was hosted on a deprecated platform, and they were rapidly approaching a looming deadline to migrate to a more modern and sustainable system.

  • Beyond Housing faced a critical issue with their outdated intranet hosted on a deprecated platform.
  • They had a pressing deadline to migrate to a more modern and sustainable system.
  • Urgency recognised in addressing Beyond Housing’s intranet and document management challenges.

Our approach

We recognised the urgency of Beyond Housing’s situation and took a structured approach to address the problem. The following steps were taken:

  1. Discovery Meeting: We engaged with the Beyond Housing project team to conduct a comprehensive discovery meeting. During this meeting, the key requirements and challenges of the project were identified and discussed in detail.
  2. Project Delivery Targets: Once the project’s objectives and goals were clear, we set specific project delivery targets. These targets served as milestones to measure progress throughout the project.
  3. Training Sessions: We conducted training sessions for the Beyond Housing project team. These sessions aimed to familiarise all parties with Azure DevOps, ensuring that they could work seamlessly within this platform.
  4. Project Board: A project board was created to outline every task and requirement necessary for the project’s successful completion. Managed dashboards were implemented to facilitate easy tracking and analysis of the project’s status.

Working with Intelligent Decisioning on the launch of our new intranet has been seamless. Using Mercury Intranet, they transformed the way we collaborate as an organisation and how we share information with colleagues, while providing a much-needed improvement to our digital user experience. With the use of docCentrum, this has transformed the way we store and organise our documents, offering a single source of truth for company-wide documents.

Beyond Housing

Our solution

We proposed a comprehensive solution to modernise Beyond Housing’s intranet and address their document management needs. The solution involved the following components:

  1. Mercury Intranet: To replace the outdated intranet system, we implemented Mercury Intranet, providing Beyond Housing with a modern and visually appealing intranet platform.
  2. docCentrum Document Management: The back-end document storage system was upgraded to docCentrum, ensuring efficient and secure document management.
  3. Power Platform: Web-based forms were replaced with PowerApps, introducing automation and approval processes across various core business functions. Power Automate was utilised to streamline workflows.

The outcome

The implementation of our solution yielded significant benefits for Beyond Housing:

  1. Beyond Housing now has a beautifully styled and branded intranet that offers users easy access to news, information, integrated line-of-business systems, and collaboration tools.
  2. docCentrum ensures that users can access the correct and up-to-date versions of documents quickly and easily while maintaining security and compliance.
  3. We didn’t stop there. By working closely with the Beyond Housing team, new needs and potential process enhancements were identified. PowerApps Forms and Power Automate Workflow were leveraged to address these needs, further improving efficiency and productivity.