Streamlining your SDLC

With our Application Lifecycle Consultancy we can QA your development processes and resulting solutions to ensure that they adhere to SharePoint Development Best Practices, that they won’t one day break your environment, and that your business is aware of the impact the solution design may have on future projects – for instance a migration to the Cloud (Office 365).

We can analyse every aspect of your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), and work with you to reduce the risks that often arise during software development. This can include ensuring you have a full Development, QA, Production sequence in place, or steps to perform full testing of your solution at all stages.

Squeaky Clean Code

With years of experience in SharePoint Development, we know what good code looks like, how well it will perform and it’s upgradability to newer versions of SharePoint or to the Cloud e.g. Office 365.

This experience together with static analysis tools such as SPCAF from our partners Rencore, allow us to inspect your solutions, making sure they comply with best practices – whether that’s looking for potential memory leaks, or poor deployment processes.

Case Studies

Find out more about how we have helped businesses with their Application Lifecycle:

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