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docCentrum: Intranet Document Management

docCentrum is a fully secure document management solution that has been developed to help your business simplify the management of important documents. Our docCentrum product is built upon SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises, and has an extended capability by the inclusion of our other products; Recorder, Validator and OnBoarder.

Benefits & Features

✓ Secure document management

✓ Target tasks at individuals or groups

✓ Email notifications for new tasks, reminders and escalation

✓ Read and acknowledge tasks to track compliance

✓ Test and validate understanding of documents through quizzes

✓ Real-time reporting of tasks

✓ Lifetime read receipts

✓ Comprehensive administration system


Our docCentrum product includes the Recorder feature which allows your organisation to track user interaction with corporate assets for audit purposes (e.g. updates to policy, procedures) allowing employers to track, test and trace employee tasks.

document management recorder feature


The Validator feature allows your company to quiz employees and test their knowledge and understanding of a recently assigned tasks.

  • Quiz users on the documents they have been sent to read
  • Tasks are not considered complete until the quiz is complete
  • Simple easy to use quiz designer
Validator document management feature


onBoarder allows requests to be created which means content owners (eg.HR) can select new employees and their role.

Documents are then assigned as a mandatory or recommended reads to the new employee.

  • Send packs of documents for new employee to read
  • Role based setup that allows for targeting of specific types of employees
onBoarder intranet document management

Administer Feature

The administer functionality allows you to control all of your requests centrally and includes a request and user based functionality so your organisation can add, edit and delete requests.

The admin centre covers the following:

  • Create document tasks
  • Ability to create, update and delete tasks
  • Maintain notification templates
  • Review sent notifications
  • Create quizzes
administer feature docCentrum

Make compliance simple with docCentrum

With compliance becoming an ever more important component of a company’s digital footprint, it’s important to have the correct software in place to help your organisation meet legal requirements.

docCentrum compliance and Onboarding toolkit allows your business to keep employees compliant with training and HR related policies, as well as providing a safe and secure place to store these documents.

To learn more how docCentrum can help your organisation with compliance read our blog post.

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