The importance of Office 365 Governance

Microsoft Office 365 is a broad platform and without tight control, proper processes and the appropriate security model it can easily grow out of control resulting in linked confidential information and information sprawl. Governance crosses the whole Office 365 platform and is essential to a successful Office 365 implementation with ongoing changes and updates to ensure that the platform continues to be well managed while providing as much value to your business as possible.

Our model ensures that key stakeholders and processes are put in place to maintain the business performance of the your Office 365 investments, ensuring that Office 365 continually generates business value and that as many risks as possible are managed.

Each organisation is unique in its own way – it has its own business goals and vision, its own hierarchy of personnel and its own processes.

We will help you to focus on value creation, accountability and risk mitigation of your SharePoint projects, to ensure they align with your business goals.

We work with Strategic Leaders to drive out Vision, Principles and identify Roles and Responsibilities and then worked with operational staff to drive out policy and process.

Our Office 365 Governance Framework

Our comprehensive process plan for Governance covers the following:


What is the purpose of the Office 365? Communications, Work Management, Collaboration – the vision is of primary importance – we can help you formulate the vision and communicate this to your employees.


The principles we help you lay out will guide our major decisions going forward – what workloads (SharePoint, Teams, Power Platform) to use, why and when.


Understanding the high level control points in the Office 365 platform will reduce risk and manage issues. We will help you come up with a blueprint for Roles, Responsibilities and Policy.

Roles & Responsibilities

In any Office 365 implementation, identifying and defining the roles and responsibilities is the one thing that can make the biggest difference to an Office 365 implementation’s success and stability.

Identifying Stakeholders, Roles and the description of Responsibilities and Tasks will inform all those involved of their expected participation.

Information Architecture

For Office 365 to stand the test of time, a strong but flexible Information Architecture is a must. Our method of delivering extensible content maximised for Search means that information stays current or is discarded.

Policy and Process

At this point enough information is gathered about the culture of the organisation and the business goals to create the policies and procedures needed to maintain accountability and value creation.


When you have a software development practice within your organisation, we provide guidance and procedures to integrate an Office 365 Development Lifecycle. The areas around this that feed into the governance model include Change Management and Release Management.

Using this model we have helped numerous companys to successfully implement Office 365 into their business, allowing them to get the most from their Office 365 invetsment.

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