Incredible Insights

Peter Drucker was a well known management consultant. Peter invented the concept known as “management by objectives” and a famous quote attributed him is 

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

From this quote we see why an organisation needs “Incredible Insights” into their data. If you can’t measure how your processes or your organisation is doing then how can you start to improve?

Analysing the data in your organisation provides those incredible insights required to improve your processes and business. You can identify areas that aren’t performing as optimally as they could, identify opportunities to expand and boost performance in areas that are already doing well.

Our knowledge and expertise in the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack can unite all of your data into a single dashboarding and reporting platform of Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft Power BI, with it’s out of the box system of data connectors for Microsoft and 3rd party suppliers, allows you to connect to data across your business.


Microsoft Power BI 

Once the data is connected to Power BI it can be easily queried, inspected and reported on. You will very soon able to spot long-term patterns, such as the price of raw materials at certain times of the year or spikes in sales in other parts of the year.

Armed with this type of information, you can make informed decisions that make an immediate impact  to your bottom line. You can fine-tune your pricing, optimise the location of your sales personnel and forecast with increasing precision.

The introduction of Power BI to organisations has lead to many “What’s that?” moments as business owners and or / subject matter experts see some key performance indicators for the first time and it drives them to investigate and where needed improve. They’ve measured the process / business and made improvements all through the use of Power BI.  

Historically this process has been difficult, expensive and time consuming but not any more thanks to Power BI.

We use Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, Power BI, PowerPivot and common tools such as Microsoft Excel to give you increasing power over your business. The scalability of the Microsoft BI Stack means we can use these products selectively to match any business problem.


Self-Service BI

Using the Microsoft BI Stack we can enable self-service BI for your users. This means they can take data into their own hands and perform meaningful analysis through visualisations. We can help you utilise the power of these products in your own business data projects, empowering your users in their data analysis tasks.


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