What is Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow is a workflow service created and supported by Microsoft and is offered as part of the familiar Office 365 service. Using Microsoft Flow, you can automate processes that capture data, act on that data and create tasks that prompt your users to complete tasks and processes.

Working with you

Implementing tools and solutions that you could use to improve productivity and efficiency are all well and good, but your business won’t get the most value out of these tools without proper knowledge transfer and demonstration of how these tools can do the best for your business.

To be able to deliver this knowledge we work with you as a business, identify your core needs at a fundamental level, and help you fulfil these needs using innovative techniques with the help of technology.


Automating your processes

Automating your Business Processes can help you reduce costs, increase consistency, confidence, efficiency, and ultimately customer service. An optimised automated process can be reported on, increasing knowledge of your costs.

From simple document approval or holiday requests to more complex processes like employee on-boarding and customer interaction, Microsoft Flow can help increase your company productivity.

We can help you with Process Design, Data Capture & Management, Systems Integration, Tracking & Recording all completed with best practice in mind.

Whether it’s getting 100% out of your existing tools to help a process, or creating a brand new business process helped with technology, we can help you find real business benefits from the technology, and maximise the value from it.


Case Studies

Find out more about how we have helped other businesses optimise their business processes:

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