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Modern Mercury

Introducing Modern Mercury by Intelligent Decisioning.

Modern Mercury is the easy to use SharePoint intranet designed for collaboration and communication.

Intelligent Decisioning introduced their original Mercury intranet product back in 2014 and since then Mercury has been used by organisations all around the world to great effect. Mercury helps an organisation to communicate and collaborate much more effectively.

Intelligent Decisioning’s latest product, Modern Mercury, is an evolution of the existing Mercury product.  

Modern Mercury Features

Modern Mercury by Intelligent Decisioning is an easy to use, mobile friendly intranet. Built to use the latest Microsoft SharePoint Online platform Modern Mercury is deeply integrated into your existing Office 365 platform and workloads.

Modern Mercury includes all of the essential features that small businesses need to stay connected and to collaborate. These include:

  • News Articles
  • Events
  • Documents
  • Personalisation
  • Video Calling via Microsoft Teams
  • Office 365 bookings
  • Business automation via the Power Platform

What are the benefits of having an intranet?

The workplace has evolved dramatically over the years, with more and more businesses shifting to a work from home / remote type culture.

In a world where employees now work remotely, it’s important to have a tool to keep your company connected.

Read our blog post on five reasons why implementing an intranet would be beneficial to your business.


What are the benefits of having a modern intranet?

Microsoft have been focussing billions of dollars into the continual improvement of their Office 365 platform to make sure that it says ahead of it’s competitors and updates the platform every day.

Our original Mercury, and other intranet products built in the 2010s, are just not able to take advantage of those continual improvements and therefore fall behind

Our Modern Mercury product has evolved alongside the Office 365 platform and is now perfectly positioned to take advantage of all those Microsoft dollars!

For example:

Do you spend a lot of time in Microsoft Teams?

If the answer is yes then our Modern Mercury can appear as an app in your Teams platform. Adding Modern Mercury to Teams means users can navigate your complete intranet without leaving Teams.

This is just one advantage of our Modern Mercury product – there are countless more and the list is growing every day. For a fuller list of the modern intranet advantages visit the dedicated Mercury website or give us a call on +44 845 643 9726.  


Ready to install your new intranet?

Modern Mercury will benefit communication and collaboration for your organisation and for further information regarding our Modern Mercury intranet product, visit the dedicated Mercury website or give us a call on +44 845 643 9726 for more information.  


Case Studies

Find out more about how we have helped businesses grow, adapt and evolve with our specialist knowledge of SharePoint, Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud.

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