Designing your Perfect Platform

Our experienced architects who are experts in the Microsoft stack will work with you in a collaborative way to design and specify a flexible, cost effective infrastructure that will support your organisations current and future requirements.

We will help you to choose a hosting model that is right for your business, be that on-premises, in the cloud on Microsoft Azure or through our hosting partners Rackspace.

Microsoft Azure

Even before the Covid pandemic, more and more infrastructures were moving to the cloud and Microsoft Azure is a highly secure, highly resilient, cost effective cloud platform in which to deploy your solutions and business processes.

You may be finding that the cost of your on-premise infrastructure, including capital expenditure for initial outlays or not having access to the latest Azure innovations is stopping new projects from getting the go-ahead. Maybe the lead time for new infrastructure on-premises is slowing down something you want available now – for example the launch of a new public website. If these projects are vital to your business, then not being able to roll them out may have a detrimental effect on your organisations ability to support new initiatives and win new business, both of which may impact the bottom line.

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides highly secure, cost effective, “Pay as you Go” billing on infrastructure that you can have access to instantly.

Is your system getting more traffic than anticipated? Adding more RAM, CPU cores or a load balanced server may previously have required extended downtime, a lengthy procurement procedure, or simply had too much red tape around it as it could affect other systems.

With Azure, adding more resource is as simple as a few clicks. If usage goes down after a while (for example, once the buzz around a launch has calmed down) you can scale back the size of your infrastructure to reduce costs. You can even scale back further during hours of low usage, and increase during times of peak usage if required.

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SharePoint Health Check

If your business want’s to stay on-premise with your SharePoint farm, then a well-designed SharePoint Farm built to best practice is mandatory. Such a farm runs efficiently, minimises downtime and supports your business as it evolves. This is why, as Microsoft Partners we build all SharePoint Farms to Microsoft best practices.

This allows you to focus more on your business and not on reliability or performance issues.

  • SharePoint Farm not running well?
  • No confidence in your SharePoint implementation?
  • Want to maximise the value of your SharePoint investment?

If the above describes how your business is feeling about your SharePoint implementation, then you need our Health Check service.

Conducted in partnership with your IT department this will ensure that your SharePoint Farm is running healthily and that it has been built in line with Microsoft best practices.

A slowly responding and poorly performing SharePoint site can be frustrating for your users, and can often put them off using your SharePoint environment to do their work. In the vast majority of cases, this is caused by a poor infrastructure design or poorly developed custom solutions.

Your farm will be analysed in detail concentrating on critical aspects such as Backup & Restore, 3rd Party Components and SQL Server Health/Optimisation.

A detailed report of the results will be presented back to you in both business and technical terms so that IT Management and Business Stakeholders are provided with feedback they can understand and act on.

Once you have received and understood the results of our Health Check we can either implement our recommendations for you, or provide the knowledge transfer and training necessary for your own staff to complete the remedial activities.

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