Taking the pain out of your migration

As a Microsoft Partner, Intelligent Decisioning has access to the latest tools and knowledge to empower your business using Microsoft technologies. To get the most value out of these tools often means upgrading your existing environment to the current releases. We have a vast amount of experience in carrying out SharePoint migrations and have our own in house tools to migrate Documents, Pages and other content both into and between SharePoint environments.

Each and every business is different, and we understand that. Your move to the latest or newer version of SharePoint or Office 365 may be driven by many different aspects, including:

  • Staying supportable by Microsoft, therefore reducing potential costs for support calls.
  • Avoiding potential security risks from running on an out-of-date platform.
  • The desire for increased productivity.
  • The ability to access your data from any device.
  • Lowering your operational IT costs.
  • Unifying your productivity and communications systems into one cohesive platform.

Whatever your business needs are for your data and processes, we can make sure that you are taking advantage of the absolute best in Microsoft productivity systems such as SharePoint and Office 365. We will help you move your data and processes to the current version of these tools quickly and easily.


Office 365 Onboarding

Using Microsoft Office 365 means you will always be kept up-to-date with security fixes and new productivity features, without the need to perform any maintenance on your existing systems or having to worry about on-premises hardware.

A move to Office 365 can be daunting, especially for your end users, with an unfamiliar user interface and concerns over how you will migrate your content. This is where we fit in and guide you step by step through your move to Office 365, We take care of your content migration with our in-house tools and proven migration processes.

Our involvement doesn’t stop there, once you have been migrated we work with you to increase user adoption, train your end users and get them up to speed with the new features and changes in Office 365.


SharePoint On Premises Upgrades

Performing a migration of your existing SharePoint environment to a new version on-premises is a multi-stage process, involving the following:

  • A full inventory of your current environment, including :
    • Server specifications (CPU, RAM, Disks)
    • Numbers of site collections & content databases
    • Windows Server versions & SQL Server versions and patch levels
    • Customisations (WSPs, Sandboxed solutions, branding changes
  • Informing you of issues that may impede the migration, result in a different experience, or any solutions that will not upgrade easily.
    • The impact of customisations is also analysed, to see if they will upgrade easily or if they will need to be re-engineered. This is dependent upon how the customisations were implemented and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Backing up existing content databases
  • Preparation of the new environment
    • Provisioning of new servers
    • Installation of SharePoint product software, and applying software updates
    • Creation of Service Applications
  • Restoring Content Databases
  • Performing upgrade tasks on the databases using SharePoint’s “psconfig” tool

The inventory piece of this process forms part of our “Health Check” service, which answers a lot of the questions about your existing environment.


Case Studies

Find out how we helped other businesses with their migrations: