Where do you start?

A well-founded User Adoption Strategy would be a good place to start. New solutions are often treated with suspicion by end users who feel a mix of emotions from confusion to disillusionment to wild enthusiasm.

We recommend that the Product Owner as a minimum becomes an evangelist for your solution, acting as the primary owner of the User Adoption Strategy. Getting executive buy-in is crucial but by identifying “Early Adopters” the message will spread wider and faster.

Small steps, Quick wins

We can help with communications, training and building a user base of champions & super users.

We can help find that killer app that will bring users to the site. It might be a simple as a fully functional People Directory or a simple Knowledgebase/FAQ implementation.

Our experience says that we should crawl before we walk and run with developing applications for the Office 365 platform. We know that by leveraging out of the box functionality with minimal customisation at first, will will achieve quick wins and a quicker., more cost effective deployment.

Effective Strategy

Most now agree that the “Build it and they will come” attitude is not a valid User Adoption strategy. Through communication, training and most importantly gathering feedback, your business will be better equipped to tempt users into using a new solution.

A Training Plan, Tailored Communication Plan and Support Plan may be required. Mechanisms to gather feedback e.g. Microsoft forms or Teams Polly surveys or SharePoint Surveys need to be in place and incentives or rewards are effective in getting users interested.

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