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Remote Work with Intranet Solution

Empowering Remote Work with Mercury Intranet: Unleashing the Potential of Modern-Day Collaboration

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In the age of remote work, intranet solutions have become an essential tool for businesses to stay connected and thrive in the virtual landscape. One such powerful platform is Mercury Intranet, which offers a centralised solution for seamless communication, efficient collaboration, and enhanced productivity among remote teams. In this blog, we will delve into the numerous benefits of implementing Mercury Intranet as your organisation’s go-to platform for remote work success, leveraging the benefits of SharePoint Intranet.

1. Centralised Collaboration for Enhanced Productivity:

Time is a precious commodity, and Mercury Intranet understands the significance of productivity in today’s fast-paced business world. By consolidating all necessary tools and documents into a single, user-friendly platform, Mercury Intranet streamlines workflows and minimises distractions. Remote employees can effortlessly access the resources they need without wasting valuable time toggling between applications and email providers.

With Mercury Intranet’s intuitive interface and smart navigation, employees can focus on their tasks with undivided attention, driving efficiency and overall productivity.

2. Embracing Remote Work with Anytime, Anywhere Access:

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the traditional office environment, leading to a paradigm shift in work culture. A notable portion of the workforce now favors remote work arrangements. Mercury Intranet meets this demand by offering full accessibility from various devices, including mobiles, tablets, and desktops. This ensures that employees can stay connected, collaborate, and access crucial information, regardless of their physical location.

Whether it’s working from home, on-the-go, or in satellite offices, Mercury Intranet empowers teams to remain cohesive and productive, promoting a seamless remote work experience.

3. Strengthening Internal Communication and Engagement:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful organisation. Mercury Intranet serves as a powerful communication hub, enabling transparent internal dialogues. By providing a constant flow of fresh and relevant content, the platform becomes a preferred channel for sharing important updates, news, and announcements.

Mercury Intranet’s advanced features, such as scheduling and targeting content, ensure that information reaches the right audience at the right time. This minimises the risk of crucial messages getting lost in the digital noise and fosters a culture of transparency and engagement within the organisation.

4. Recognising and Appreciating Employee Contributions:

Employee recognition plays a pivotal role in nurturing a positive work culture. Mercury Intranet offers a dedicated space to celebrate the efforts of remote employees, showcasing their achievements and contributions. A prominent recognition board on the intranet homepage motivates and inspires others, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

By acknowledging and rewarding employee excellence, Mercury Intranet contributes to higher job satisfaction, increased retention rates, and improved overall performance.

5. Elevating Employee Experience:

Mercury Intranet, our cutting edge intranet solution, is designed to deliver a seamless digital employee experience, addressing the common challenges associated with complex digital tools. With its intuitive design, user-friendly interfaces, and personalised features, employees can interact with the platform effortlessly.

Mercury Intranet’s compatibility with existing systems and the ability to tailor the intranet to match the company’s unique branding and culture ensure a unified and delightful experience for all users.

In conclusion, Mercury Intranet stands as an indispensable asset for businesses embracing remote work. By centralising collaboration, providing anytime, anywhere access, strengthening internal communication, promoting employee recognition, and delivering an unparalleled digital employee experience, Mercury Intranet empowers organisations to navigate the challenges of remote work and unlock the full potential of their virtual teams. Embrace Mercury Intranet today and elevate your remote work strategy to new heights of success!

To experience the benefits of Mercury Intranet firsthand, we invite you to schedule a free demonstration today. Contact us at 0845 643 9726 or visit to learn more about Mercury Intranet and docCentrum.

ID sign the Partner Pledge

Committing To Transformative Technology: ID Have Signed The Microsoft Partner Pledge

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Microsoft Partner Pledge logo

ID are proud to announce that they have officially signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge as of November 2021. Sustainability has been a focus for us here at Intelligent Decisioning Ltd. for some time. Our ongoing flexible working arrangements help in reducing commuting emissions, and we limit paper-based work where possible. We have also provided apprenticeship and work experience opportunities that have allowed students to explore the industry in greater depth. In fact, two of our current full-time employees joined us as a result of these schemes.

Alongside over 200 other organisations, ID have committed to promote the five critical goals outlined by Microsoft through their partner pledge.

We too believe ‘in the role technology can play in addressing broader societal challenges’. We aim to focus our support on:

Digital Skills

82% of jobs require Digital Skills. Through the Digital Skills Hub, people can develop skill sand increase their chances of employment.


We believe in helping young people kickstart their careers with the help of industry leading experts. Microsoft’s Apprentice Network supports people in gaining qualifications through on the job training to support eh early stages of the career.


A diverse team brings more creativity, innovation and variation. The Tech Talent Charter is committed to supporting teams and individuals through their dedication to enhancing diversity within tech sector.

Responsible and Ethical AI

AI for Good and The Future Computed both ensure Artificial Intelligence is developed and implemented in its most ethical way.


Microsoft aims to be Carbon Negative by 2030. This level of commitment to reducing emissions and protecting our planet is an essential part of the Microsoft Partner Pledge, and of our continued commitment to sustainability.

You can read more about what these five goals entail on the Microsoft partner pledge page.

We are actively seeking out opportunities to support these goals further, including helping schools with interview practice to researching further ways to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

We look forward to supporting Microsoft’s goals of improving the UK’s technological workforce.

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