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This outlines the use of cookies across the Intelligent Decisioning webpages. For details regarding the types of personal data collected during your website visits and its subsequent use, please refer to our Privacy Policy. 

Utilisation of Cookies 

Certain sections of our web pages utilise “cookies,” small files containing alphanumeric characters placed on your computer or mobile device upon your consent. These cookies facilitate distinguishing your browsing activity from that of other users, enhancing your browsing experience and enabling us to refine our website. 

Types of Cookies Employed 

We employ the following categories of cookies: 

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies: These are essential for navigating the website and accessing its features. Without these cookies, requested services such as account login cannot be provided. 
  1. Performance Cookies: These cookies gather data on website usage, including popularly visited pages, aiding us in website enhancement and issue resolution. They do not gather personally identifiable information. 
  1. Functionality Cookies: These cookies recall your preferences and offer personalised features. For instance, they can retain your preferred settings. Information collected by these cookies may be anonymised and does not track your activity on external websites. 

Most web browsers allow users some control over cookies through browser settings. For comprehensive information on cookies management, including viewing and deleting cookies, please visit

Cookie Origins and Purpose 

Cookies may be deployed either by the Intelligent Decisioning website (“first-party cookies”) or by a third-party website (“third-party cookies”).  

Google Analytics Cookies

These cookies are instrumental in gathering data regarding website usage. Information collected is utilised for generating reports and refining website performance. Data is collected anonymously, encompassing visitor count, referral sources, and visited pages. 

Alterations to Our Cookie Usage Disclosure 

Any future modifications to our Cookie Usage Disclosure will be promptly communicated via this page. 

Contact Information 

Any queries or concerns about privacy on this website should be sent by email to or addressed to the Data Protection Officer, Intelligent Decisioning Ltd, Pure Offices, Lake View Drive, Sherwood Park, Nottingham, NG15 0DT