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id become cyber essentials certified for another year

Intelligent Decisioning achieve ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & Cyber Essentials certifications

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ID are constantly developing, and quality management and cyber security certifications are something worth shouting about!

ID ISO 9001 cyber security certification
ID ISO 27001 cyber security certification

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the international Standard for quality management. Businesses that are certified commit to consistent quality and customer satisfaction. The certification can also help a company to expand their client base and open up more opportunities. 

What is required to become ISO 9001 certified?

“Intelligent Decisioning Ltd. already had a lot of requirements needed for ISO 9001 in place as they had already achieved certification in ISO 27001, the Standard for information security management. Meeting the requirements for ISO 9001 was therefore a breeze for them. 

Internal Information security and quality awareness are gained through training, company culture, values and strong internal processes and policies, all of which support the organisation for further success and improvement. Intelligent Decisioning Ltd. implemented all of these processes and are now set to continue to strive to satisfy their customers.”

Karen Knaggs, QMS UK

As well as gaining first time accreditation for ISO 9001, we were recently reaccredited for ISO 27001 (Information Security).

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is recognised worldwide as the standard for information security management.  

How did we achieve ISO 27001?

ID  demonstrated that we meet the high standards set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) through our achievement of the ISO 27001 cyber security certification.  

To qualify, we proved that we could not only prevent but defend against potential data system vulnerabilities. This was achieved through a comprehensive suite of information security controls.  

An annual audit, carried out by an external third party, ensures these systems continue to meet the stringent requirements set out in the ISO 27001 standard.  

We also recertified as a Cyber Essentials organisation to further strengthen our position as an organisation who prioritise the security of information. 

A word from our Managing Director

 “We are planning to use our accreditations to provide our customers with increased reliability and security of our systems and information, improve customer and business partner confidence, increase our business resilience and align more closely with customer requirements.”  

“Intelligent Decisioning Ltd are committed to quality management and keeping customer data safe. Achieving ISO 9001 and 27001 has allowed Intelligent Decisioning Ltd to successfully tender for a number of opportunities that would otherwise have been out of scope”   

Managing Director, Andy Smith

Get in touch to  find out more about the ISO 9001 / 27001 principles that we follow, we would be delighted to speak with you.  

If you would like to check our certificates then visit  and use Certificate Numbers 377602021 and 288302018.  


Telephone: 0845 643 9726 

Meet Ellen, our new Marketing Coordinator!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

I’m Ellen, I’m 21 years old and have just graduated from the University of Nottingham studying English. I’m from Essex and my biggest goal is to be able to travel and meet as many people from around the world as possible. 

Give us some fun facts about you! 

I have a twin sister and three other siblings, so I have always been used to a busy and hectic lifestyle! Over the years I’ve tried numerous hobbies– netball, piano, clarinet, football (for a very brief and unsuccessful period of time), cricket, ballet, and musical theatre. My friends would describe me as crazily busy as I’m always piling projects onto my plate and am constantly in search of the next challenge or adventure! 

Give us three emojis to describe your first impressions of the team! 

The computer emoji because they’re all tech wizzes with a lot of knowledge about things I didn’t even know existed! The handshake emoji because even remotely everyone was very welcoming, and I can already tell they care about working together as a successful team. The T-shirt because I was very happy to hear that they take a relaxed and casual approach to workwear (particularly since on my first day it was 28 degrees!)

What will be your biggest challenge in your first few weeks?  

My biggest challenge will be settling into a full time remote working week as I’m so used to being out and about and seeing lots of people.  

Where did you hear about us and why did you choose us? 

This role was advertised on a recruitment agencies page at my university. I thought it would be so exciting to branch out and start working for a company working in a completely new field to me. I think working with ID will be great for me as I’ll be able to work alongside their current marketing strategist and eventually learn how to develop and implement successful marketing strategies of my own. 

Armed Forces Covenant

Armed Forces Covenant

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At Intelligent Decisioning we acknowledge and understand that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

We do this with first hand knowledge from our current and ex employees who served in the UK forces.

To show our commitment we have signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant.

Home – Armed Forces Covenant (

shaping the it industry for women

Gosia Borzęcka: Shaping the IT industry for women

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We love to celebrate achievements here at Intelligent Decisioning, so when we have an opportunity to share accomplishments, we like to shout about it.

Congratulations to our Office 365 developer Gosia for gaining the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for the second time!

Not only is Gosia a technology expert who passionately shares her knowledge with the IT community, but she is also part of something very special – shaping the IT industry for women.

We are proud to have you on our team Gosia – keep up the amazing work!

Connect with Gosia on LinkedIn

Supporting women in tech

If you’re looking for more advice or resources regarding the IT industry then visit the women in tech website.

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Intelligent Decisioning becomes Cyber Essentials certified for another year

id become cyver essentials certified for another year
id become cyber essentials certified for another year

Intelligent Decisioning become Cyber Essentials certified for another year

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If there is one thing that we strive for here at Intelligent Decisioning its success. So when we achieve something great, we like to shout about it!

The Cyber Essentials certification not only demonstrates our knowledge and understanding around the most common cyber threats that face our society, but it means we demonstrate our commitment to cyber security.

So when we gained our Cyber Essentials certification for another year, we thought you would like to know!

But for those of you who are still not sure what Cyber Essentials is, we talk about it in more detail below.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme that will help protect your organisation against common cyber attacks.

Cyber attacks come in all shapes and sizes, but the majority are very basic and are carried out by relatively unskilled individuals.

If you would like to learn more about Cyber Essentials click here.

Protecting our clients against cyber attacks

We take pride in the ability to protect our clients against cyber attacks and provide them with in-depth knowledge around cyber security. That’s why its important to us that we gain industry leading certifications so we can provide our clients with a bespoke service.

If you have any more questions regarding our Cyber Essentials certification feel free to email

free intranet software: introducing modern intranet

Free intranet software: introducing Modern intranet

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Free intranet software

If you’re a small business looking for free intranet software then we have the perfect product just for you. 

Introducing Modern Intranet by Intelligent Decisioning. The easy to use SharePoint intranet designed for collaboration and communication.

For a limited time, we are offering our new Modern Intranet at no cost to help keep businesses connected during these uncertain times. Our Promotion includes:

● Utilises your existing Office 365 licence

● 1/2 day deployment

● 1/2 day online training

free intranet software: introducing Modern intranet

Modern Intranet Features

Modern Intranet is an easy to use, mobile friendly intranet that can be easily integrated into your existing Office 365 and includes all of the essential features that small businesses need to stay connected and to collaborate. These include:

● News articles

● Events

● Documents

● Personalisation

● Video Calling via Microsoft Teams

● Office 365 bookings

● Business automation via the Power Platform

What are the benefits of our free intranet software?

The workplace has evolved dramatically over the years, with more and more businesses shifting to a work from home type culture.

In a world where employees now work remotely, it’s important to have a tool to keep your company connected.

Read our blog post on five reasons why implementing an intranet would be beneficial to your business.

Ready to install your new intranet?

We feel that it’s important that businesses of all sizes have the correct tools in place to enhance communication and collaboration in the workplace. That’s why we have developed Modern intranet so we can support small businesses during these uncertain times.

If Modern Intranet is something that you feel could benefit your business fill out our contact form below. 

Remember, it’s free! For information regarding our other intranet products, visit the Mercury website or give us a call on +44 845 643 9726.

Read our case studies!

Find out more about how we have helped businesses grow, adapt and evolve with our specialist knowledge of SharePoint, Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud.

top 5 benefits of document management systems

Top 5 benefits of document management systems

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With many modern workplaces operating in a digital landscape, information has exponentially increased in size. 

Knowing how to manage and monitor all of that extra information can often be a challenge. 

That’s why it’s important to have a well designed document management system in place to help your organisation efficiently store, monitor and track important company files and information effectively.

In this blog post, we have put together the top 5 benefits of implementing a document management system in the workplace. 

The top 5 benefits of document management are; 

1) Reduced physical storage

2) Highly secure

3) Improved compliance

4) Easily find information

5) Enhanced collaboration

Top 5 benefits of document management systems

1) Reduced physical storage

With many businesses now opting from a work from home type culture, it’s important that employees can easily access information. 

Implementing a document management system means that your employees can effortlessly find and access important company files without having to take a trip to the office. 

The office space currently allocated to physical storage can be re-purposed, providing more space for employees, breakout areas etc.

Document management systems offer organisations the ability to work flexibly meaning employees can access information from anywhere in the world. 

2) Highly secure

In an age where everything is digital, it is important to have a system in place to securely store information.

Not having a secure system in place could place your company at risk of hacking and having personal and confidential information stolen. 

A document management system provides a secure file solution for storing, signing and sharing documents, keeping your important information safe from harm.

3) Improves compliance

Compliance is becoming an extremely important component of an organisation’s digital footprint, so it’s important to do all you can to ensure you’re meeting regulatory compliance in your company.

Implementing a digital workplace solution like docCentrum can help your organisation simplify the management of important organisational documents. 

Read our blog post on how docCentrum can help your company with regulatory compliance issues.  

4) Easily find information

In a world where people expect to receive everything on demand, being able to find information easily is an organisational necessity. Ignoring this need is a quick way to fall behind. 

According to PWC, 20% of business time is wasted due to employees being unable to quickly access the information they need because of poorly organised company data.  

A document management system can reduce the time spent looking for company files and data by allowing employees to instantly access important information at any time and any place! 

5) Enhanced employee collaboration

If you’re looking for a way to improve employee collaboration then look no further!

With document management systems, information sharing and collaboration can be improved by providing employees a better space to work and communicate. 

This is because document management systems provide a better workflow for users to quickly and easily share, access and work together on company information across departments and locations without compromising data security.

Ready to improve your organisation’s document management process?

A document management system can bring many benefits to your organisation and can be a valuable asset to your business.

Luckily for you, we have a fantastic product called docCentrum that has been developed to help your business simplify the management of important documents. 

For more information about how we can help your business, give us a call +44 845 643 ​9726 or fill out the contact form below to speak to one of our document management experts.  

Document management contact form

Fill out the form below to contact us about our document management solution docCentrum.

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introducing mercury analytics 2020

Introducing Mercury Analytics 2020

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If you want your intranet to perform to its optimum level then you need to include analytics as part of your strategy. 

Recent research suggests that 90% of intranets fail due to them being managed inefficiently and through businesses not being aware of intranet analytics. 

That’s why we have developed our new product Mercury Analytics 2020 so that you can get the most out of your intranet. 

Based on our original analytics product, Mercury Analytics 2020 brings a whole host of new features that improves the insight you can gain into your intranet usage.

Carry on reading to find out more!

Introducing Mercury analytics 2020

Mercury Analytics 2020

Our popular analytics product, bundled with Mercury, has been updated to include date slicers, document metrics and improvements to every dashboard in the pack. 

Our new and improved analytics feature now includes; 

● Cloud hosted in Azure

● User journey easy to identify

● User activity either named or anonymous

● Navigation metaphors in Mercury analysed in detail

● Document usage from geographical and intranet locations

● Custom reporting through Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Excel

● Open format for your reporting tools

● Easily updatable to capture your specific information

How to use Mercury analytics to measure the effectiveness of your Mercury intranet

It is crucial that your company understands it’s Mercury analytics so that you can create a collaborative work environment and improve your company’s internal performance. 

Read our in-depth blog post on measuring the effectiveness of your Mercury intranet so that you can get the most out of Mercury Analytics 2020.

Request a Free Mercury Analytics 2020 Demo

Please use the form below to request a demo or chat with us about Mercury Analytics 2020 in more detail. We would love to learn more about your business and show you how our Mercury intranet and analytics can help improve your organisation.

Alternatively, if you would like more information regarding Mercury intranet and analytics visit the Mercury website.

Request Form

Fill out the contact form below to request your FREE Mercury Analytics demo.

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how to use intranet analytics to measure the effectiveness of Mercury intranet
how to use intranet analytics to measure the effectiveness of your intranet

How to use intranet analytics to measure the effectiveness of your Mercury intranet

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Measuring your intranet through analytics is a crucial part of your internet’s overall effectiveness and success.

According to research, 90% of intranets fail due to them being poorly managed and through businesses ignoring their intranet analytics. 

Therefore, it is crucial that you understand your intranet’s analytics so that you can create a productive work environment and improve your company’s internal performance.

In this blog post, we will show you how the Mercury analytics feature can be used to improve your organisation, including a list of key metrics that you can use to better understand your company’s internal performance. 

This blog post will cover; 

● What intranet analytics are

● Why you should measure intranet effectiveness

● How to measure intranet effectiveness

● 6 Key intranet metrics

how to use intranet analytics to measure the effectiveness of your Mercury intranet

What are intranet analytics?

Intranet analytics are information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics

They’re a set of metrics that can be used to measure the effectiveness of your intranet and pinpoint areas for improvement. 

Mercury intranet analytics allows you to identify key performance indicators (KPI’s) which can be used by your company to make smart and informed business decisions regarding projects and the future of your organisation.

Why should you measure your intranets effectiveness?

You should measure your intranets effectiveness through analytics so that you can gain an insight into what’s working and what isn’t. As Peter Ducker said ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it’.

If you’re not tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your intranet, how can you optimise its performance? 

The Mercury analytics feature has been developed with effectiveness in mind, and can help assist you with understanding your intranets performance. 

Since 2017 our analytics product has been shining a light into the darkest corners of our customers’ intranets, providing them with important insights into data which has helped them improve their intranets level of efficiency. 

But knowing which intranet metrics you need to monitor can often be a challenge. 

In the following section, we have made a list of the key intranet metrics you need to know in order to make your intranet a long-lasting success.

6 key intranet metrics everyone should know

Collecting intranet data may seem like a simple task, but knowing which data plays an important role in determining your intranet’s success can often be a challenge.  

The list below contains 6 key intranet metrics that you need to know in order to measure your intranet’s effectiveness. 

1) User Activity

User activity monitoring enables intranet admins to track and collect data on employee actions and behaviour when using your organisation’s intranet. 

Implementing activity tracking allows companies to be more efficient in tracking user intranet activities and can be used to ensure that information and resources are being utilised efficiently. 

User activity is central to our Mercury analytics feature and includes: 

● Number of page views

● Interaction with the navigation features

● News consumption

● Search usage

● Social interaction (likes, shares, etc.)

● Accessing of documents & other resources

intranet user activity analytics

2) User Journey

A user journey is a series of steps which represent how a user interacts with your intranet. 

Being able to map or show the steps that a user makes within your platform can help you better understand user behaviour and the decision making process. 

Understanding how users are interacting with your intranet can help you form decisions regarding the taxonomy of your intranet and how it can be developed to support the user decision making process and the interface they will need to accomplish their tasks. 

Mercury analytics can help you to understand the navigation and the page visits made by users in a single session which provides analysis of the click events across the App Bar, Mega Menu, Content Pages and Search.

intranet user journey analytics

3) News Consumption

News analysis lets the owners of the communications function understand the reach (the number of people who have seen your content) of the news that they’re creating. 

This is an important metric to know as it can make you aware of the optimal times to post your news content so that it stands the best chance of being seen by your audience. 

Our analytics feature will show you the best place to disseminate news and provide insights into your campaigns performance.

intranet news consumption analytics

4) Performance

When it comes to performance there are dozens of metrics that can be used to measure how your intranet pages are performing. 

That’s why the Mercury analytics feature only focuses on the key performance indicators that can help you make informed decisions regarding the improvement of your intranets page performance. 

The Mercury analytics feature will look at page load times across browsers and page types and will divide this by the locations that the pages are accessed from. 

It will show issues across browser types and locations, which can help you create suitable pages and content for all your employees regardless of location and device.

Intranet performance analytics

 5) Social

A social focused intranet gives your employees more ways to communicate and collaborate. 

Integrating social technology within your Mercury intranet allows for powerful search, multimedia creation and sharing capabilities which creates a more effective way of working. 

By introducing social elements to your intranet you provide a modern alternative to the traditional legacy intranet which was often devoid of social components such as comments, profiles, and the ability for anyone to share digital content.

Our Mercury analytics feature will provide key social metrics which can help you identify areas for campaign improvements.

intranet social analytics

 6) Documents

Documents are often the primary source of information for your employees to carry out their roles effectively. 

If your employees cannot easily and quickly find information they are going to waste time searching for them and then reproducing that content, leading to multiple copies of information which are then separate entities with their own separate update lifecycles.

With our Mercury analytics feature you can track what documents are being found and opened. 

Document analytics lets the owners of the documents understand who is finding and reading their documents. This is an important metric to know as it can make you aware of the optimal times to post your news content so that it stands the best chance of being seen by your audience. 

As a further extension to our Mercury Analytics offering, we also provide our docCentrum product which provides document owners with the ability to task staff with optional and mandatory reads of important company information. The tasks are fully tracked and reported on, providing you with an audit trail of who has completed their tasks and who hasn’t and provides an overview of company standards compliance.

Intranet analytics document

Ready to adopt your new Analytics Dashboards?

We hope you enjoyed learning how analytics can measure the effectiveness of your intranet. We strongly believe that our Mercury intranet and analytics feature would be a very valuable asset to your business.

Get in touch with us to speak to a friendly member of our team. 

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