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Your business IT solutions need a solid foundation.

Platform Architecture

As Microsoft Partners you can trust Intelligent Decisioning to look after your Microsoft based platform. Whether it be SharePoint, Azure, SQL or any other product in the Microsoft stack, we will ensure it is healthy, adheres to Microsoft best practices & supports your business as it grows.

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Your processes drive your business.

Business Process Consultancy

Your bottom line is all that matters. Your processes are a key part of that, and are unique to your business.

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Stay current, stay secure, stay competitive.


Your daily business tasks may be slowed down simply by missing out on the newest features of SharePoint and Office 365. Whether you're on an older version of SharePoint or stuck on a legacy system, get ahead of the game and migrate today!

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You set the rules. Build it your way.

Bespoke Development

Sometimes your process and workflow just won't work any other way; you wouldn't be as competitive otherwise. Sometimes you need something truly custom. Our Bespoke Development services and Agile way of working can build it for you.

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Training tailored to your business.

Bespoke Technical Training

Off the shelf training courses are great but sometimes you need training that is tailored to your business, with a customised syllabus and a delivery that fits with your culture and skill set.

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Unlock the full potential of your data.

Insights & BI

Data is everywhere and core to each and every business. Extract it's true value and gain full visibility by processing, visualising and analysing data to provide strong business insight.

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Build the best Applications that you possibly can.

App Lifeycle Consultancy

Ensure your existing application development ecosystem is as productive and as efficient as it should be.

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Governance for Successful SharePoint.


Governance underpins & enables successful SharePoint and should be no.1 on your list of functional requirements. Our 6 step process ensures a stable foundation for your SharePoint implementation.

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Give your users the best experience possible.

UX Design

At the centre of your solution is your users, we can improve their experience through modern, fluid and easy-to-use designs which align to your business goals.

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You've built it, now make sure they come.

User Adoption

Solutions need user buy in. We can help you develop user adoption methodologies that can maximise user adoption before you even start your project and ensure it continues when the solution is delivered.

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Using Microsoft products such as SharePoint & Office 365? Talk to us about how you can get the best out of them.