Experience the future of SharePoint navigation with MegaNav!

Introducing MegaNav, the ultimate app for seamless SharePoint navigation. With MegaNav, customisation is effortless, imagery seamlessly integrated, and navigation streamlined for uniformity across your Hub hierarchy. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to simplicity with MegaNav.

Effortless customisation

  • No more wrestling with complicated menus—MegaNav simplifies customisation.
  • Effortlessly customise navigation with drag-and-drop zones and adjustable font settings.
  • Tailor headers, links, and tiles to match your branding and style preferences.

“Intelligent Decisioning have brought a much needed level of organisation and vigour to the way we stored and organised our documents across our group. We now have a known and trusted “single source of the truth” for our organisation wide information that is reviewed on a regular basis.”

LTE Group

Enhanced visual experience

  • Add visually captivating images to enhance your navigation menus.
  • Transform mundane navigation into visually appealing experiences with MegaNav.
  • Add graphical icons to create visually appealing navigation menus.
  • Highlight important links with vibrant block colour tiles.

Seamless mobile support

  • Access your SharePoint navigation seamlessly on-the-go with mobile support.
  • Stay connected and productive wherever you are, thanks to MegaNav’s mobile compatibility.

“Working with Intelligent Decisioning was a great experience and we’ve benefitted a lot as an organisation. We look forward to continuing our journey of Digital Transformation with them”

Blue Property Management

Consistency across hierarchies

  • Ensure uniformity and consistency across your SharePoint Hub hierarchy.
  • Streamline navigation experiences and maintain coherence effortlessly with MegaNav.
  • Reduce clutter with hidden Hub Navigation for cleaner header bars.
  • Navigate with ease using Mercury breadcrumb integration for clear location tracking.