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SharePoint Intranet: The Key to a Digitalised Workplace

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In the era of remote work and digital collaboration, SharePoint Intranet has emerged as a game-changer, ushering in a new era of workplace efficiency and connectivity. With its robust features and seamless integration with Microsoft 365, it has become the go-to platform for businesses seeking to digitalise their workplaces and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

Seamless Mobile Support with SharePoint Intranet

One of the key features that sets SharePoint Intranet apart is its unparalleled mobile support. In a world where the boundaries between work and personal life are becoming increasingly blurred, employees are relying more than ever on their mobile devices for work-related tasks. SharePoint Intranet recognises this shift and ensures that every SharePoint page or site is fully responsive, effortlessly adapting to any type of mobile device.

This mobile responsiveness isn’t just about fitting the content on smaller screens; it’s about providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. Whether you’re accessing important documents, collaborating with colleagues, or updating critical information, SharePoint Intranet on mobile ensures that your work can happen anytime, anywhere, with the same efficiency and functionality you’d expect on a desktop.

Effortless Information Retrieval with Full-Text Search

In the digital age, information is the lifeblood of any organisation, and SharePoint Intranet understands this fundamental need. Its full-text search feature is revolutionising the way users find files and answers within corporate sites. This modern content indexing system can index any file type, from text documents to multimedia files, making it easier than ever for users to quickly and accurately locate the information they need.

Imagine having the power to search through your organisation’s entire knowledge base with a few keystrokes. SharePoint Intranet’s full-text search empowers employees to access critical data, policies, and documentation swiftly. Whether you’re a new hire seeking onboarding materials, a manager in search of project updates, or a team member looking for the latest company news, SharePoint Intranet’s comprehensive search functionality ensures that valuable information is always at your fingertips.

In conclusion, SharePoint Intranet is not just a tool; it’s the cornerstone of the modern digital workplace. Its mobile support caters to the dynamic needs of today’s workforce, allowing for flexible, on-the-go productivity. Simultaneously, its robust full-text search capabilities streamline information retrieval, making knowledge more accessible than ever before. With SharePoint Intranet, you’re not just keeping up with the digital transformation; you’re leading the way towards a more efficient, connected, and responsive workplace.

CollabDays Bletchley Park 2023: Microsoft 365 Community Day!

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We believe in the power of Microsoft 365, collaboration, innovation, and community engagement and excited to announce our participation in the upcoming CollabDays Bletchley Park 2023 event, where we will be actively involved not only as attendees but also as sponsors. In particular, we are proud to support a session led by our very own Mark Cherry, which will focus on a cause close to our hearts – the Armed Forces Covenant.

CollabDays Bletchley Park: Where Collaboration Thrives

CollabDays Bletchley Park is an annual gathering of experts, enthusiasts, and visionaries from diverse backgrounds and industries who share a common passion for collaboration and technology. Organised by dedicated individuals like Brett Lonsdale of Lightning Tools and Paul Hunt, this event serves as a hub for knowledge exchange and innovation revolving Microsoft 365.

As fervent supporters of technology and innovation, Intelligent Decisioning and Mercury Intranet have proudly sponsored this event. Our sponsorship reflects our commitment to fostering collaboration and the sharing of insights.

Mark’s Session: Unveiling the Significance of the Armed Forces Covenant

One of the highlights of this event will be Mark’s session, where he will shed light on the importance of the Armed Forces Covenant and why Intelligent Decisioning stands firmly behind it. The Armed Forces Covenant represents a pledge by our nation to ensure that those who serve or have served in the armed forces, as well as their families, are treated with fairness and respect in all aspects of life.

Our commitment to the armed forces is not just a corporate endeavour; it’s deeply embedded in our culture and values. We understand and appreciate the sacrifices made by military personnel and their families. This understanding is rooted in the firsthand experiences of our current and former employees who have proudly served in the UK armed forces.

As we eagerly anticipate this event, we applaud all those who share our dedication to fostering collaboration and understanding between the tech community and the military. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting event and thank you for joining us in supporting a cause that truly matters.

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Unlock Seamless Collaboration with Our Custom SharePoint Intranet Solution

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In today’s world, fostering effective communication and collaboration within an organisation is paramount to success. This is where a powerful SharePoint Intranet comes into play – a versatile platform that can revolutionise your internal communication and streamline your business operations. At Intelligent Decisioning, we understand that every organisation is unique, and so are its needs. Our team of experts specialises in creating tailor-made Intranet solutions using Microsoft SharePoint, ensuring that your business objectives are not just met, but exceeded.

Understanding Your Unique Needs: Our Collaborative Approach

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we embark on a collaborative journey with you to understand your business, objectives, and audience. Our dedicated team of experts takes the time to delve into your company’s DNA, grasping the essence of what makes it tick. This consultative phase sets the stage for a project that’s perfectly aligned with your vision and geared towards delivering the desired outcomes.

Here is how the pathway to your perfect SharePoint Intranet solution will look like:

  • Consultation: It all starts here. Our journey begins with a comprehensive consultation where we dive deep into your business objectives, target audience, and project scope. We listen to your ideas, goals, and concerns, all of which inform the blueprint of your intranet solution
  • Strategy: Armed with insights from the consultation, we craft a robust strategy that outlines objectives, deliverables, and timelines. Our team collaborates closely with you to ensure that the strategy resonates with your vision and aspirations.
  • Design: A visually appealing and intuitive design is essential for user engagement. Our design phase involves creating a customised intranet design that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also conveys your brand identity and messages effectively. Through iterative refinement, we make sure the design hits the mark.
  • Development: The heart of the process, this phase sees our skilled developers employing cutting-edge technologies and coding practices to bring your intranet solution to life. We ensure scalability, responsiveness, and optimal performance, creating an intranet that grows as your business does.
  • Testing: Before the big launch, we subject the intranet solution to rigorous testing. It’s our way of ensuring that the solution functions seamlessly and meets all requirements. Compatibility across various platforms and devices is a must, providing your users with a consistent and enjoyable experience.
  • Deployment: With testing triumphantly completed, we launch your intranet solution, making it accessible to you and your team. Our focus is on ensuring a live and fully functional intranet that’s ready to revolutionise your internal communication and collaboration.
  • Ongoing Support: Our commitment doesn’t end with the launch. We’re here for the long haul, offering ongoing support and intranet services. As your business evolves, your intranet will too, adapting to meet your changing needs and keeping your operations smooth.

Embrace Tailored SharePoint Intranet Solutions Today

At Intelligent Decisioning, we’re not just creating Intranet solutions; we’re crafting experiences that transform the way your organisation collaborates and communicates. Our dedication to a personalised approach, coupled with the power of Microsoft SharePoint, ensures that you’re not just investing in an Intranet – you’re investing in a seamless digital ecosystem tailored to your unique requirements.

Contact us today to discover how our personalised approach to digital solutions can bring your ideas to vibrant life. Your collaboration revolution starts here. Schedule a free demonstration today. Contact us at 0845 643 9726 or visit to learn more about Mercury Intranet and docCentrum. 

Unveiling the Power of Microsoft SharePoint 365: A Comprehensive Overview

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In the realm of modern workplaces, Microsoft Office SharePoint stands as a beacon of collaboration and efficiency. In this comprehensive guide to Microsoft SharePoint 365, we’ll delve into five key advantages of this dynamic platform, showcasing how it can revolutionise your business operations. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of MS SharePoint, making it an ideal starting point for beginners.

Microsoft SharePoint 365 is a versatile tool that empowers businesses to enhance communication, amplify productivity, and optimise their operations. As an integral component of the Microsoft 365 suite, SharePoint presents an array of features and functionalities that cater to diverse industries.

Unveiling the Benefits:

1. Empowering Collaboration through Microsoft SharePoint 365

Centralisation takes on a new meaning with MS SharePoint, offering employees a unified platform to access and exchange information, documents, and resources. This streamlined sharing cultivates a culture of collaboration, allowing teams to synergise on projects, brainstorm ideas, and communicate in real time.

Supplementing this, Microsoft SharePoint 365 equips users with an arsenal of collaboration tools like calendars, task lists, and discussion boards. These tools bolster teamwork and productivity, proving especially effective for seamless remote collaboration.

2. Elevating Productivity with MS SharePoint

Efficiency takes center stage as Microsoft SharePoint 365 becomes a catalyst for heightened productivity. Through its robust automation capabilities, the platform streamlines workflows and reduces manual intervention. For instance, MS SharePoint workflows can automate processes such as document approval. Moreover, alerts keep employees promptly informed about critical updates or alterations. Consider a scenario where a presentation is uploaded to a designated folder, triggering Power Automate to notify the relevant parties, ensuring swift access and awareness – a perfect gateway to automation for beginners.

Furthermore, MS SharePoint optimises information access, enabling employees to accomplish tasks more expeditiously. With features like document libraries and version control, documents are systematically organised and securely stored, thwarting errors arising from misplaced or outdated files.

3. Masterful Document Management through Microsoft Office SharePoint

Adept document management is at the heart of Microsoft Office SharePoint. The platform empowers businesses to manage documents seamlessly, allowing for the assignment of precise document permissions. This ensures that sensitive information remains accessible only to authorised personnel, a noteworthy hallmark of MS SharePoint.

Moreover, the integration of document workflows expedites the process of approvals. Setting up document retention policies further enhances compliance, reducing the risk of legal and financial repercussions.

4. Unparalleled Flexibility in Deployment

Microsoft SharePoint 365 extends a plethora of deployment options tailored to organisational needs. From cloud-based solutions to on-premises servers, the adaptability of MS SharePoint enables businesses to choose the approach that aligns with their requirements and scalability goals.

Cloud deployment, a gateway to reduced costs and enhanced scalability, is made possible by Microsoft 365 SharePoint. Documents and data find their haven in the cloud, ensuring accessibility from any corner of the world with an internet connection. Additionally, cloud deployment guarantees data security and backup, effectively mitigating data loss or corruption.

5. Seamless Integration: Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365

Completing the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Microsoft SharePoint 365 seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft applications. This harmony offers users a cohesive experience, diminishing the time and effort required to transition between tools.

For instance, the fusion of Microsoft Teams and MS SharePoint creates a collaborative haven where files are shared, and documents co-authored. Further integration with Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate empowers companies to craft bespoke applications and automate workflows. This liberates employees from the shackles of repetitive tasks, fundamentally transforming the efficiency landscape.

The allure of Microsoft 365 SharePoint transcends business dimensions. Its prowess in enhancing document management, ameliorating productivity, and fostering collaboration makes it an indispensable asset for organisations of all sizes. MS SharePoint’s adaptability within cloud environments and synergy with other Microsoft Office 365 tools cater to unique business demands, birthing improved communication, enhanced productivity, and streamlined operations.

This SharePoint compendium serves as a compass, guiding newcomers through the foundational aspects of Microsoft SharePoint while illuminating its manifold advantages for businesses. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional, the realm of SharePoint promises to unlock new dimensions of efficiency and collaboration for your organisation’s growth.

Revolutionising document management with sharepoint intranet

Revolutionising Document Management with docCentrum

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient document management is the cornerstone of successful organisations. Keeping track of crucial files, ensuring secure access, and facilitating seamless collaboration among teams are essential for streamlined workflows and increased productivity. docCentrum, an innovative intranet document management solution, has emerged as a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimise their document handling processes.  

What is docCentrum? 

docCentrum is a comprehensive intranet-based document management system designed to centralise, organise, and securely manage digital files within an organisation. Unlike traditional document storage solutions, docCentrum provides a single unified platform that empowers employees to access, share, collaborate, and search for documents effortlessly. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that facilitates smooth navigation, allowing even non-technical users to harness its full potential. 

Key Features and Benefits: 

  1. Centralised Document Repository: With docCentrum, organisations can say goodbye to scattered documents stored across various drives and folders. The platform provides a centralised repository that ensures all files are stored in one secure location, simplifying access and avoiding duplication. 
  1. Robust Security Measures: Security is paramount when it comes to document management. docCentrum employs top-notch security measures to protect sensitive data from unauthorised access, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Access controls, encryption, and user permissions offer multiple layers of protection. 
  1. Seamless Collaboration: Collaboration among teams is vital for project success. docCentrum enables real-time collaboration on documents, allowing multiple users to work on the same file simultaneously. Version control ensures that the most recent changes are preserved while maintaining a clear audit trail. 
  1. Advanced Search Functionality: Locating specific documents from an extensive database can be daunting. docCentrum’s advanced search functionality employs metadata tagging and content indexing, enabling users to quickly find the documents they need, saving valuable time. 
  1. Version History Tracking: Maintaining version histories is essential for tracking changes, especially in collaborative projects. docCentrum automatically stores previous versions of documents, facilitating easy rollbacks and reference points. 
  1. Mobile Accessibility: In today’s mobile-centric world, having access to documents on the go is crucial. docCentrum is mobile-friendly, allowing users to access documents securely from their smartphones and tablets, providing unparalleled convenience. 
  1. Customizable Workflows: Every organisation has unique document management needs. docCentrum offers customizable workflows that can be tailored to fit specific business processes, promoting efficiency and adaptability. 
  1. Compliance and Audit Readiness: For businesses operating in regulated industries, compliance with industry standards and audits is non-negotiable. docCentrum provides the necessary tools to maintain compliance and prepare for audits effectively. 

Real-Life Success Stories: 

Organisations that have adopted docCentrum have witnessed significant improvements in their document management processes. A multinational corporation reduced the time spent searching for documents by 60%, resulting in faster project turnaround times. A medium-sized healthcare provider increased compliance with data protection regulations and minimised the risk of data breaches by implementing docCentrum’s robust security features. 

If you’re looking to optimise your document management and unlock your organisation’s true potential, consider docCentrum as your go-to solution. To experience the benefits of docCentrum firsthand, we invite you to schedule a free demonstration today. Contact us at 0845 643 9726 or visit to learn more about Mercury Intranet and docCentrum. 

Remote Work with Intranet Solution

Empowering Remote Work with Mercury Intranet: Unleashing the Potential of Modern-Day Collaboration

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In the age of remote work, intranet solutions have become an essential tool for businesses to stay connected and thrive in the virtual landscape. One such powerful platform is Mercury Intranet, which offers a centralised solution for seamless communication, efficient collaboration, and enhanced productivity among remote teams. In this blog, we will delve into the numerous benefits of implementing Mercury Intranet as your organisation’s go-to platform for remote work success, leveraging the benefits of SharePoint Intranet.

1. Centralised Collaboration for Enhanced Productivity:

Time is a precious commodity, and Mercury Intranet understands the significance of productivity in today’s fast-paced business world. By consolidating all necessary tools and documents into a single, user-friendly platform, Mercury Intranet streamlines workflows and minimises distractions. Remote employees can effortlessly access the resources they need without wasting valuable time toggling between applications and email providers.

With Mercury Intranet’s intuitive interface and smart navigation, employees can focus on their tasks with undivided attention, driving efficiency and overall productivity.

2. Embracing Remote Work with Anytime, Anywhere Access:

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the traditional office environment, leading to a paradigm shift in work culture. A notable portion of the workforce now favors remote work arrangements. Mercury Intranet meets this demand by offering full accessibility from various devices, including mobiles, tablets, and desktops. This ensures that employees can stay connected, collaborate, and access crucial information, regardless of their physical location.

Whether it’s working from home, on-the-go, or in satellite offices, Mercury Intranet empowers teams to remain cohesive and productive, promoting a seamless remote work experience.

3. Strengthening Internal Communication and Engagement:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful organisation. Mercury Intranet serves as a powerful communication hub, enabling transparent internal dialogues. By providing a constant flow of fresh and relevant content, the platform becomes a preferred channel for sharing important updates, news, and announcements.

Mercury Intranet’s advanced features, such as scheduling and targeting content, ensure that information reaches the right audience at the right time. This minimises the risk of crucial messages getting lost in the digital noise and fosters a culture of transparency and engagement within the organisation.

4. Recognising and Appreciating Employee Contributions:

Employee recognition plays a pivotal role in nurturing a positive work culture. Mercury Intranet offers a dedicated space to celebrate the efforts of remote employees, showcasing their achievements and contributions. A prominent recognition board on the intranet homepage motivates and inspires others, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

By acknowledging and rewarding employee excellence, Mercury Intranet contributes to higher job satisfaction, increased retention rates, and improved overall performance.

5. Elevating Employee Experience:

Mercury Intranet, our cutting edge intranet solution, is designed to deliver a seamless digital employee experience, addressing the common challenges associated with complex digital tools. With its intuitive design, user-friendly interfaces, and personalised features, employees can interact with the platform effortlessly.

Mercury Intranet’s compatibility with existing systems and the ability to tailor the intranet to match the company’s unique branding and culture ensure a unified and delightful experience for all users.

In conclusion, Mercury Intranet stands as an indispensable asset for businesses embracing remote work. By centralising collaboration, providing anytime, anywhere access, strengthening internal communication, promoting employee recognition, and delivering an unparalleled digital employee experience, Mercury Intranet empowers organisations to navigate the challenges of remote work and unlock the full potential of their virtual teams. Embrace Mercury Intranet today and elevate your remote work strategy to new heights of success!

To experience the benefits of Mercury Intranet firsthand, we invite you to schedule a free demonstration today. Contact us at 0845 643 9726 or visit to learn more about Mercury Intranet and docCentrum.

5 Ways our SharePoint Intranet Solution will Empower Your Team

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In today’s fast-paced and interconnected business landscape, effective teamwork is essential for achieving success and maintaining a competitive edge. An intranet platform can be a game-changer when it comes to enhancing collaboration and fostering a cohesive work environment. Just like many organisations have experienced with SharePoint, Mercury Intranet is designed to encourage teamwork and streamline communication. In this blog, we’ll explore five ways SharePoint Intranet Solution empowers your team to work together efficiently and achieve remarkable outcomes.

1. Seamless Communication and Information Sharing

The foundation of successful teamwork lies in seamless communication and easy access to vital information. With Mercury Intranet, your team members can communicate effortlessly through instant messaging, discussion forums, and real-time collaboration tools. This secure and centralised platform allows employees to share ideas, updates, and knowledge across departments and geographical locations, breaking down silos and promoting a culture of transparency and open dialogue.

2. Collaboration Spaces and Project Management

Mercury Intranet takes collaboration to the next level with dedicated spaces for project management and team collaboration. These spaces provide a centralised hub where team members can access project-related documents, assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress. By streamlining project management, the intranet ensures that everyone is on the same page, fostering accountability and encouraging teams to work cohesively towards shared goals.

3. Employee Engagement and Recognition

A thriving team is built on engaged and motivated employees. Mercury Intranet includes features that boost employee morale and recognition. Team members can celebrate each other’s successes through public acknowledgments and peer-to-peer recognition. The intranet also offers surveys and polls to gather feedback, giving employees a voice and enabling the organisation to make data-driven decisions to improve overall engagement.

4. Knowledge Sharing and Learning Opportunities

A knowledge-sharing culture can significantly impact team performance. Mercury Intranet acts as a repository of organisational knowledge, housing training materials, best practices, and relevant resources. Team members can contribute to this knowledge base, ensuring that valuable insights are captured and disseminated across the organisation. Additionally, the intranet can host webinars and virtual training sessions, creating continuous learning opportunities that nurture a culture of growth and development.

5. Personalised User Experience

Mercury Intranet focuses on creating a user-friendly experience for team members. The platform can be tailored to individual preferences, enabling employees to customise their dashboards and access the information and tools most relevant to their roles. This personalisation fosters a sense of ownership and comfort, encouraging employees to interact with the intranet regularly and become active participants in the organisation’s collaborative journey.

In conclusion, Mercury intranet is a powerful tool for encouraging teamwork and driving productivity within your organisation. By providing seamless communication, collaboration spaces, employee engagement features, knowledge-sharing capabilities, and personalised user experiences, the intranet empowers teams to work together efficiently and achieve remarkable results.

Embrace the transformative potential of Mercury, and watch as your organisation’s teamwork reaches new heights, strengthening relationships, and fueling innovation across the board. To experience the benefits of Mercury Intranet firsthand, we invite you to schedule a free demonstration today. Contact us at 0845 643 9726 or visit to learn more about Mercury Intranet and docCentrum.

Fostering Company Culture and Team Building: Re-living Intelligent Decisioning’s Epic Down Day on 14th July 2023

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At Intelligent Decisioning, we believe that a strong company culture and cohesive teamwork are the driving forces behind our success. On 14th July 2023, we dedicated an entire day to celebrate these values with our employees through a series of engaging and thrilling activities. From an insightful talk on security to a fun-filled afternoon of bowling, laser tag, and delicious food, the Intelligent Decisioning Down Day was an unforgettable experience that brought our team closer together and reaffirmed our commitment to excellence.

Talk on Security: Knowledge Empowering Our Team

The day commenced with a captivating talk on security by an Intelligent Decisioning Partner – Shadowland Consulting at the offices of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce. With cybersecurity becoming increasingly vital in today’s digital landscape, this session, led by Tobias Koprowski of Shadowland Consulting, shed light on the importance of safeguarding our company’s and clients’ data. Our team members actively participated, gaining valuable insights, and understanding how each individual plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure work environment. This knowledge empowers us to be vigilant and responsible digital citizens, ultimately benefiting both our organisation and the broader community.

Bowling: Strikes, Spares, and Team Bonding

Following the enlightening session on security, it was time for some friendly competition and team bonding at the bowling alley. Divided into teams, our employees embraced the spirit of camaraderie as they cheered each other on, strategised their throws, and celebrated strikes and spares. Bowling proved to be an excellent way to build trust, enhance communication, and foster a sense of unity among our team members. Amidst laughter and friendly banter, we discovered the hidden talents of our colleagues and forged new friendships, strengthening the foundation of our company culture.

Laser Tag: Uniting Through Exciting Challenges

The thrill continued with an exhilarating laser tag adventure that transported our employees into a realm of exciting challenges. With adrenaline pumping through their veins, our teams navigated through an immersive battlefield, collaborating, and strategizing to achieve victory. Laser tag not only tested our employees’ teamwork and problem-solving skills but also reinforced the importance of working together cohesively towards a common goal. The shared experience of facing challenges and celebrating triumphs further solidified our bond as a united and motivated team.

Food: A Delicious Fusion of Tastes and Togetherness

After a day filled with stimulating activities, it was time to relax and indulge in a delectable feast. Our employees relished the opportunity to unwind and connect on a personal level. The shared meal encouraged informal conversations, laughter, and a deeper understanding of each other’s backgrounds and interests. It reinforced the notion that a strong company culture is built on a foundation of inclusivity, respect, and appreciation for individuality.

The Intelligent Decisioning Down Day on 14th July 2023 was more than just a fun-filled day of activities; it was a celebration of our company’s values, commitment to excellence, and the remarkable individuals who contribute to our success every day. We look forward to future opportunities to celebrate our achievements, strengthen our bonds, and foster an environment where everyone can thrive and succeed.

Key Focus Areas for HR Leaders in 2023

4 Key Focus Areas for HR Leaders in 2023

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The ever-evolving landscape of work has accelerated the need for digital transformation. In this fast-paced environment, HR leaders must adapt to remote and hybrid work models while ensuring effective communication and engagement with their dispersed teams. To thrive in 2023, HR teams must leverage innovative technologies and adopt new approaches to enhance the employee experience. In this article, we highlight five key areas that HR leaders should prioritise to drive success.

Streamlining Onboarding Processes:

With remote hiring and onboarding becoming the new norm, HR teams face challenges in creating a seamless onboarding experience for new employees. To expedite this process and provide a digital workplace environment, collaboration between HR, IT, and internal communications teams is crucial. Implementing an award-winning intranet solution, such as Intelligent Decisioning, enables new hires to access essential resources and communicate with colleagues from a centralised platform. This fosters a sense of belonging and accelerates the integration of new employees into the organisation.

Building Critical Skills:

In 2023, HR leaders must focus on creating a resilient workforce capable of adapting to rapid changes. As job requirements evolve, employees need to continuously acquire new skills. To meet this demand, HR teams should leverage the intranet platform, such as Intelligent Decisioning, to drive learning and development initiatives. By utilising the training centre feature, HR leaders can create and distribute informative videos that empower employees to upskill and stay relevant in their roles.

Enhancing Employee Perks for the Remote Workforce:

With remote work becoming prevalent, HR leaders must reimagine employee perks to ensure inclusivity. Traditional office perks may no longer be applicable in a remote or hybrid work environment. Instead, HR teams should prioritise employee health and well-being initiatives. This could include providing mental health support, remote vouchers, or assistance with childcare costs. By catering to the unique needs of remote employees, HR leaders can foster a supportive work environment and strengthen employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Cultivating Trust and Collaboration:

Building strong relationships between department heads and fostering trust among team members is crucial for effective collaboration. HR leaders should encourage open communication channels across different departments to bridge gaps and foster a culture of trust, integrity, and competency. Intelligent Decisioning serves as an ideal platform for facilitating collaboration, providing tools for seamless communication and sharing of information. By promoting trust and dependability within teams, HR leaders can enhance collaboration, drive productivity, and boost overall team performance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, HR leaders must embrace digital transformation and leverage innovative technologies to enhance the employee experience. Mercury Intranet’s robust platform, combined with docCentrum, provides a centralised hub for communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. 

To experience the benefits of Mercury Intranet firsthand, we invite you to schedule a free demonstration today. Contact us at 0845 643 9726 or visit to learn more about Mercury Intranet and docCentrum. 

8 top tips for increased productivity

Boost Your Productivity with Microsoft 365: 8 Top Tips

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, maximising productivity is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. Fortunately, Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive suite of powerful tools and features that can supercharge your efficiency and streamline your workflow. In this blog post, we will give you our top productivity tips for harnessing the full potential of Microsoft 365.

1. Seamless File Management:

Microsoft’s cloud-based storage solution allows you to access your files from anywhere, on any device. By storing and organising your files, you can easily collaborate with team members, share files securely, and ensure that you always have the latest version at your fingertips.

2. Leverage Outlook for Effective Email Management:

Email overload can hinder productivity. Take advantage of Outlook’s features such as Focused Inbox, Rules, and Quick Steps to prioritise important messages, automate repetitive tasks, and maintain a clutter-free inbox. Additionally, use the Calendar feature to schedule and manage your meetings efficiently.

3. Streamline Collaboration with Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams revolutionises communication and collaboration within organisations. Use this powerful tool to host virtual meetings, chat with colleagues, share files, and collaborate on projects in real-time. Take advantage of features like channels, @mentions, and file sharing to enhance teamwork and boost productivity.

4. Harness the Power of Planner:

Microsoft Planner is a valuable project management tool that allows you to create and assign tasks, set due dates, track progress, and collaborate with your team. By visualising and organising your projects in Planner, you can stay on top of deadlines, delegate tasks effectively, and ensure project success.

5. Automate Repetitive Tasks with Power Automate:

Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) enables you to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks across different Microsoft 365 apps. By creating workflows and triggers, you can save precious time and energy, improve accuracy, and focus on more strategic activities.

6. Boost Collaboration with SharePoint:

SharePoint is a powerful content management and collaboration platform that promotes teamwork and information sharing. Create centralised document libraries, intranet sites, and team sites to collaborate seamlessly, store and manage documents securely, and foster a culture of knowledge sharing within your organisation.

7. Stay Organised with Microsoft To Do:

Microsoft To Do is a simple yet effective task management app that helps you stay organised and focused. Create task lists, set reminders, and prioritise your work to ensure that you stay on top of your responsibilities. With To Do’s seamless integration with Outlook and Microsoft Teams, you can access your tasks across different platforms.

8. Embrace Continuous Learning with Microsoft Learn:

Microsoft Learn offers a vast array of free training resources, tutorials, and certifications to enhance your Microsoft 365 skills. By regularly investing in your professional development, you can unlock new features, discover hidden gems, and become a proficient user of Microsoft 365, ultimately boosting your productivity.

As you strive to maximise productivity in today’s business landscape, Mercury Intranet is here to support your goals. With its powerful features and capabilities, Mercury Intranet can enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and promote effective communication within your organisation. From seamless file management and task organisation to centralised knowledge sharing and project management, Mercury Intranet empowers your team to work efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.

To experience the benefits of Mercury Intranet firsthand, we invite you to schedule a free demonstration today. Contact us at 0845 643 9726 or visit to learn more about Mercury Intranet and docCentrum.