10 Key Advantages of an Intranet Solution for HR

The human resources team holds a central position in every organisation, traditionally focusing on people and relationships. In today’s digital landscape, face-to-face interactions integral to HR are evolving due to the growing trend of remote work, accelerated by the Covid pandemic. Human resource professionals must adapt, finding new channels to connect with staff and modernise internal communications. An intranet is a potential solution.

An intranet solution is an internal communications and knowledge-sharing platform, keeping all workers informed about company policies, training manuals, HR news, and guidelines. It serves as a repository of the company’s collective human resources knowledge, available 24/7.

Beyond information sharing, intranets offer diverse benefits, transforming human resources practices. Here are ten best practices to enhance human resources in your company:

1. Streamline Processes:

Implement automated processes for tasks like updating personnel records, booking leave, submitting expense claims, and completing pre-appraisal forms. Automated processes enhance efficiency, prevent information loss, and offer a faster experience for employees.

2. Improved Two-Way Communication:

Effective communication is vital in a digital workplace with flexible and hybrid work arrangements. Intranets connect HR staff with employees through blogs, forums, and instant messaging, fostering direct communication and a sense of involvement.

3. Develop Meaningful Relationships:

Utilise the portal as a forward-facing platform for recruitment processes, creating a seamless experience for attracting top talent. It serves as a gateway for job applications, providing information on vacancies, job descriptions, and interview scheduling.

4. Deliver Compelling Onboarding Experiences:

Leverage the intranet for seamless onboarding processes, ensuring new employees are well-versed in company culture. Incorporate various media formats for an interactive user experience, fostering quicker integration into the team.

5. Connect Workers To Each Other:

Online staff directories and collaborative project areas facilitate relationship-building and knowledge sharing across teams. These features enhance workplace relationships, making organisations more agile and responsive.

6. Build a Strong Employer Brand:

Use the intranet to promote a strong employer brand, aligning it with external branding for consistency. Advertise internal job openings on the intranet, promoting internal recruitment and saving on external recruitment costs.

7. Increase Employee Engagement:

Engage employees through improved communication, collaboration, and efficient information sharing. Implement quizzes, surveys, and opinion polls to gather feedback, and support employee development through online learning resources.

8. Better People Focus for Remote Workers:

Address the challenges of maintaining a people-focused role in a technology-dependent workplace, especially with the rise of remote work. Utilise the intranet to support employee wellness and combat feelings of isolation among remote workers.

9. Provide Gateway Access To All Enterprise Solutions:

HR intranets offer a centralised platform with single sign-on access to various enterprise apps, simplifying the employee experience and enhancing operational efficiency.

10. Inspire Workers with Self Service:

Empower workers with direct data access, particularly crucial for remote employees. This approach frees HR staff from responding to routine information requests, leading to operational efficiencies and significant savings.

An intranet solution serves as a gateway to a more connected, engaged, and efficient organisational culture. As the workplace continues to evolve, embracing the benefits of an HR intranet becomes not just a choice but a strategic imperative. Book a free demo today!