11 Intranet Best Practices to Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement with intranet software can be a challenge for many companies. Despite investing heavily in legacy intranet solutions, employees often ignore them, leading to underutilisation. However, a modern intranet that is user-friendly and engaging can change this dynamic. Here are 11 best practices to help you improve employee engagement with your intranet.

  1. Modernise Your Intranet: Ensure your intranet is up-to-date with modern features like social media integration, modern design, and a seamless user experience. A modern interface can significantly increase adoption rates among employees.
  2. Choose the Right Platform: Select an intranet platform that promotes collaboration and communication. Platforms like Mercury offer a social intranet experience that encourages engagement through features like news feeds and employee recognition.
  3. Develop a Strategy: Create a roadmap for your intranet implementation with clear goals and milestones. Define what success looks like for your intranet and plan accordingly.
  4. Optimise Homepage and Navigation: Keep your intranet homepage clean and organised, displaying only the most relevant information. Ensure easy navigation throughout the intranet to enhance user experience.
  5. Optimise for Remote Work: Given the prevalence of remote work, make sure your intranet is accessible from anywhere. Consider the challenges remote workers face, such as communication fatigue, and tailor your intranet to meet their needs.
  6. Mobile-Friendly Design: With the majority of web traffic coming from mobile devices, ensure your intranet is mobile-friendly. Consider developing a dedicated mobile app for easy access.
  7. Build a Healthy Work Culture: Use your intranet to foster a positive work culture by encouraging communication and engagement. Create interest groups and facilitate peer recognition to boost morale.
  8. Centralise Communication: Make your intranet the go-to channel for company communication. Integrate it with other tools to streamline communication efforts.
  9. Embrace Social Features: Incorporate social elements into your intranet to encourage engagement. Allow employees to like, comment, and share content, creating a more interactive experience.
  10. Ensure Security and Scalability: Choose an intranet platform that prioritises security and scalability. Look for certifications like ISO27001 to ensure data safety.
  11. Measure Engagement: Use your intranet to measure employee engagement through features like public recognition and interest groups. Monitor engagement levels to gauge the success of your intranet strategy.

By following these best practices, you can improve employee engagement with your intranet and create a more connected and collaborative work environment. Book a free demo and know more about how we can help your organisation.