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office 365 document management: introducing doccentrum

Office 365 Document Management: Introducing docCentrum

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Compliance is becoming an ever more important facet of a company’s digital footprint.  

That’s why we have developed a digital workplace solution to help your organisation simplify the management of important organisational documents. 

docCentrum compliance and onboarding toolkit allows you to keep your employees compliant with training and HR related policies and provides a safe and secure place to store these documents. 

In this article, we have listed the key components of docCentrum and reasons why it’s functionality can benefit your organisation’s compliance process. 

The article will cover;

● Document management explained

● Document management for compliance

● Introduction to docCentrum

● Document management

● Document review 

● Test, Track & Review 

If you want to learn more about docCentrum document management, compliance & onboarding, continue reading below.

Office 365 document management: introducing doccentrum

What is a document management system?

Document Management Systems are an electronic place to store all of your documents. 

They can provide many benefits to your organisation including; 

● Faster document retrieval through searches

● The ability to more readily and easily protect documents

● The ability to restrict access or set role level permissions

● Improved data retention

● The ability to back up documents

● Access to documents from multiple locations simultaneously

● The ability to have an audit trail of documents accessed

● The ability to cross-reference documents and query data

● Greater ability to provide data security

Document management for compliance

Compliance is becoming an ever more important component of a company’s digital footprint, so it’s important to do all you can to ensure you’re meeting regulatory compliance in your organisation. 

Compliance is particularly important if you are an ISO accredited company with an accreditation such as ISO9001, ISO27001.

Document Management Systems can be used to store a range of different document types such as Microsoft Word, Excel documents, along with other typical document formats such as Adobe PDF.

A good Document Management System provides automated processes to collaborate on document creation and maintenance and to publish documents to the wider audience, according to their identity.

A Document Management System supports multiple identities, with each user having their own identity. Access to the documents in the Document Management Systems is strictly according to the access levels given to that identity.

Inbuilt audit within the Document Management Systems trails allow organizations and their customers to have assurances around access to data. It helps everyone sleep better at night when they know that there is a log of who accessed, modified, moved, or deleted records. Audit trails help safeguard the integrity of the information and the processes around data access. 

Document management solutions: docCentrum

Intelligent Decisioning have developed a document management solution – docCentrum, to help your organisation simplify the management of your company’s important documents, and sits within Microsoft SharePoint Online which is a part of a Microsoft Office 365 environment.

The docCentrum compliance and onboarding toolkit allows you to keep your employees compliant with training and HR related policies and provides a safe and secure place to store these documents. 

docCentrum can remind your document controllers that document reviews are necessary and issues tasks to ensure that the reviews are carried out in a timely manner.

Below, we have listed the key components of docCenterum and how it can provide a solution to organisational compliance.

Document Management

docCentrum provides a starter kit for enterprise document management with an extendable secure publishing and storage of documents providing a “single source of the truth” for all important assets.  

It allows the standardisation of document creation, storage, retention and access processes across the organisation. 

Some of its key features and capabilities are as follows: 

● Store the “Single Source of the Truth” for corporate documents quality controlled through an ISO compliant Information Architecture in multilingual sites  

● Keep the process for creating, collaborating, reviewing and publishing documents consistent across all areas of the business 

● Automated publishing from the Working Documents area to create or replace new Published Documents reduces inefficiencies in Document Publishing 

● Access to documents is controlled through a permission based security model built to your organisational needs.  

● Keep compliance with Quality Standards though metadata and review processes allowing you to easily add new document types through the building of a hierarchy of SharePoint Content Types

intranet document management system docCentrum

Test, Track & Review

docCentrum offers a simple and intuitive process for users to keep track of their reading assignments, including a clear confirmation process for users to explicitly acknowledge that they have read and understood the document training or other asset being tracked. 


Compliance (or acting according to a set of rules) is a fact of doing business. Ensuring your employees are compliant across training, policies and employee handbooks is an organisational nightmare! 

docCentrum eases this pain by creating time limited tasks to users and alerting them via email. 

It offers a simple and intuitive process for users to keep track of their reading assignments, by providing a clear confirmation process for users to explicitly acknowledge that they have read and understood the document. 

● Receipts are generated to confirm whether a user has or has not completed a reading task

● Creates time limited reading tasks to users, alerting them via email to keep employees informed

● Integrates seamlessly via SPFx web parts meaning that Tasks can be assigned in real time

Document compliance system


As a part of the docCentrum product, Recorder allows your organisation to track user interaction with corporate assets for audit purposes (e.g. updates to policy, procedures, employee handbooks, annual training etc.) allowing employers to track, test and trace employee tasks. 

Some of the key benefits are;  

● Consolidates all of a staff members mandatory and recommended reads into one easy-to-find place 

● Mandatory or recommended reads delivered immediately to staff members via their intranet, mobile device and document centre views

● Read receipts are stored indefinitely for every acknowledgement and are accessible through Power BI and Excel


The “Joiners/Leavers/Movers” (JML) process is one that should be applied in all organisations.  

The JML module in docCentrum allows the delivery of auditable tasks at the right time to the right person. 

Its key features include; 

● Send packs of documents, news, content, knowledge and video for new employees to work through when they join the company 

● Role based setup that allows for targeting of specific types of employees or areas of the business 

● Create bespoke packages or tasks to deliver to employees in various stages of their life with your company

● Ability to customise tasks to specific roles and mix and match to get the right tasks for the right person first time

● Have an auditable view of an employees progress through their tasks 

● Support multiple areas of the business as they onboard employees, suppliers, franchisees etc

● Task enable recurring actions such as annual training


The quiz feature in docCentrum enables you to test your employees’ understanding of a recently assigned task by creating quizzes that can be attached to the end of a test.  

The quiz features enables your company to;

● Quiz users on the documents they have been sent to read where tasks are not considered complete until the Quiz is complete 

● Multiple choice questions, free text questions and many more types are supported

● Simple easy to use Quiz designer allows custom quizzes to be assigned to any task

● Quiz results can be analysed in the Administration module to review the effectiveness of the questions

docCentrum quiz feature

Document Review

Document review is a set of tools, views and workflows that allows document owners, approvers or controllers to manage the review process to keep documents current and compliant.  

Some of the benefits of document review include; 

● Allows document owners, approvers or controllers a visual indication of the review process

● The ability to review, edit and re-publish controlled documents from a single place

● Automated email reminders for documents approaching and past a review date

● Ability to auto publish documents at review date if content has not changed

● Visual dashboards are available across the whole document lifecycle with configurable reviews initially set at 30,60 & 90 day reminders

● Power Automate flows to control the start and end of review periods

Document review in a document management system

Bringing it all together

The compliance wheel below demonstrates how document management, compliance and administration all work together to provide a full suite of tools that will complement those available in the security and compliance centre.

compliance wheel

Ready to adopt your new Document Management and Compliance Process? 

We hope you enjoyed this blog post! We would love to show you how docCentrum will benefit your organisation. We offer free demonstrations of the docCentrum capability and how it will help you get control of your documents so get in touch  with us now and speak to one our Document Management System specialists about our compliance solutions. Alternatively, give us a call +44 845 643 9726 or email

Document Management & Compliance Enquiry Form

Use the contact form below to contact us about docCentrum.

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top 5 advantages of an intranet

top 5 advantages of an intranet

Top 5 Advantages of an Intranet

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The workplace has evolved dramatically over the years, with more and more businesses shifting to a work from home type culture. 

In a world where employees now work remotely, it’s important to have a tool to keep your company connected. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to drive productivity or manage important projects, knowing the (many) advantages of an intranet will help you decide whether an intranet such as Mercury or Modern Intranet is the right choice for you business.

In this blog post, we have put together 5 reasons why implementing an intranet would be beneficial to your business.

In this article we cover;

1) Information sharing

2) Document management

3) Employee collaboration

4) Business transparency

5) Mobile optimisation

If you want to find out more about the advantages of an intranet continue reading below.

Top 5 advantages of an intranet

1) Easily share information

Many businesses use email as their primary tool for information sharing. But did you know that an average person sends and receives 126 business emails per day? That’s a lot of information to open and read.

Implementing an intranet can reduce email and provide a platform to share important company information, enabling direct, clear communication between employees and management. 

Through the benefit of your intranet, you can crowdsource information and make better strategic decisions regarding your organisation.

2) Manage documents

No matter where you work, most businesses have a lot of information. This is likely to be accessible across multiple locations including, Dropbox, email, Google Drive etc. making it extremely tedious trying to find information, especially when you’re in a rush! 

An intranet can provide a central location for all of your documents to be stored, making it easier for your employees to find what they need. 

3) Encourage employee collaboration

Intranets like Mercury and Modern Intranet incorporate an instant messaging feature where employees can directly generate easy and immediate conversation. The benefits of this feature can be tenfold; create group chats, share photos and videos, enjoy social features such as emojis and communicate with colleagues in a centralised location. Through quick and collaborative capabilities, the workday can be optimised by eliminating unnecessary meetings and video calls. 

4) Increase transparency

In various studies, employees indicate that company transparency was the number-one factor in determining workplace happiness. 

In order to create transparency, you need to create a space where employees feel comfortable sharing thoughts and opinions. 

Intranets provide valuable tools that improve productivity and communication collaboratively. Direct chat options, blogs, task management, and notifications are some of the features that can be used to increase transparency in the workplace. 

5) Mobile friendly

When you need to quickly access information outside of the office, you will need to be able to access important information and documents on your phone. 

Intranets like Modern Intranet and Mercury are mobile friendly, which means they can be accessed on mobile, desktop and tablet. 

Receive work notifications on your phone and access important information on the go. All that is required is a mobile device and an internet connection.  

Ready to install your new intranet? 

There you have it! 5 reasons why an intranet could benefit your business.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post! If you think an intranet could benefit your organisation get in touch with us to speak to one of our specialists about our range of intranet solutions.

Alternatively, give us a call +44 845 643 9726 or email

Meet Nathan, our new apprentice!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Nathan I’m 19 years old and I live in a little village called Underwood in Nottinghamshire. Being very active from a young age I was always doing a variety of sports either football, cricket, kickboxing and fishing.

Give us some fun facts about you!

I think the achievement I am most proud of in my life is achieving my black belt in kickboxing but like many things this was briefly stopped through injury. A Lego man is how I am described when it comes to why I stopped sport as dislocating body parts on a moments notice is a specialty of mine. Now that I don’t participate in many sports I can usually be found in the gym or fishing on the weekend no matter the weather.

Give us three emojis to describe your team!

The laughing emoji because as being serious and hard at work the office can always find time to have a good laugh. The baby emoji describes how I fit into the team as being the new means I have a lot to learn from the team as everyone’s knowledge is mind-blowing which I plan on gaining as much of this knowledge as I can. The hand shake emoji because everyone in the team is so supporting and respectful of each other, which makes for great collaborative working and being able to get that helping hand at a time of need is always there.

What has been one of your biggest challenges so far?

My biggest challenge would be settling in to a full time working week as being a college student before working here does not compare to being at work every day.

Have your perceptions about Intelligent Decisioning changed from what you knew about Id before?

This is not my first time ‘working’ for ID as being a college student before here I came on a work experience with ID that gave me a very little insight as to what ID do on a day to day but working here has proved that there is never one day as same as the next.

You started at Intelligent Decisioning as an apprentice, where did you hear about us and why did you choose us?

As previously ‘working’ for ID made me really want to be part of the ID team, as I am always willing to learn and try new things, which I thought that I can get out of being part of the ID team.

Meet James our new SharePoint Consultant!

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sharepoint consultant

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m27 and live in Leeds. I’ve always had a bit of passion for IT, which first started off in Hardware and networking although that all came to an end when I accidentally fell into SharePoint after a lucky secondment and from there I’ve been working with SharePoint ever since

Give us some fun facts about you!

If I’m not behind a computer I can generally be found practising my Archery or in the South of France hunting down my golf balls across a course

Give us three emojis to describe your team!

sharepoint consultant sharepoint consultant meet our new sharepoint consultant

Have your perceptions about Intelligent Decisioning changed from what you knew about Id before?

I’d already heard about Intelligent Decisioning previously from the community along with going to a few of their stands and events in the past, but I was impressed in the interview and in my short time here I’ve already picked up some great new stuff

Meet Henry, our new SharePoint Consultant

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We love getting to know the new members that join our team! Everyone, meet Henry!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

In no particular order I am a husband, father, son, son-in-law, brother-in-law, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin, brother and dog owner. I was born in Melton Mowbray, home of the pork pies but from an early age moved into the Chesterfield area and now reside in York.

I have always had a keen interest in IT, with my first real hands on experience stemming from building my own computers back in the day. When I was unable to find a role in hardware, which was my initial passion, I took on my first IT role as a first line support engineer in 2006. I have been working in IT ever since and it is within this time that I was introduced to SharePoint by way of MOSS 2007 and have remained focussed on SharePoint ever since and in more recent times Office 365 and associated technologies.

I pride myself on my integrity and I am extremely customer focussed. Customer satisfaction is paramount in all that I do.

Give us some fun facts about you!

I love Ice Hockey and aim to watch every Blue Jackets game, albeit after the fact with it being on at stupid o’clock in this part of the world. I did once ask that they come over and play the Sheffield Steelers but was understandably ignored. If I ever need a live hockey fix, then the Steelers are my go to team.

I used to be known as Hal and still am to my Mum and Dad. I will save the story of how I transitioned from Hal to my birth name of Henry for another day. Nothing sinister but quite boring.

I have recently acquired a black working lab puppy, which we have named Juno. In the short time that we have had Juno, I conclude that babies are 1000% easier than puppies.

I attempt to do a bit of gardening in my spare time. I don’t really know what I am doing but find it extremely satisfying nonetheless. I do however take it far too hard if a plant dies on me.

Give us three emojis to describe your team!

What has been one of your biggest challenges so far?

Transitioning from working for a big corporate machine to a smaller company. However I can see already that the way of working here just makes sense, particularly when it comes to project management. It is all about creating the right solution, for the right reasons, giving the customer the best results and not just a yes service and a copy and paste methodology that I have become accustomed to in other roles.

Have your perceptions about Intelligent Decisioning changed from what you knew about Id before?

I was pretty impressed at the interview stage and have not seen anything to alter that opinion since joining ID. I love how you are able to just get on with something but equally never be far from a friendly face for advice or to bounce ideas off of. I am loving the agile way of working, it just makes so much sense and I am wondering why this isn’t the best practice up and down the country for those wanting to maximise on their technology investments.

I also love the active involvement this company has in community events, showing that technology is more than just a 9-5 for this business.

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring people applying for Intelligent Decisioning?

If you want to work for a business that cares about you and the services that it is providing, then this is the place to be.

Nik, SharePoint Administrator

Meet Nik, our new SharePoint Administrator!

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This week we are putting the ID spotlight on our new SharePoint Administrator Nik!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Nik, I’m 33 (I think…stopped keeping track after 30). I’m originally from a small town in Derbyshire called Matlock but now reside on the outskirts of Matlock in an even smaller town called Darley Dale with my wife and baby girl.

I live quite an active social life and always have, whether it be playing football, training/teaching martial arts, going to the pub or just spending the time with family. I don’t remember the last time I had two days in a row of just doing nothing.

Give us some fun facts about you!

When I started playing football as a youth, I was top goal scorer for 3 or 4 seasons running getting on average 40 goals a season. Now I’m older I couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo.

I trained in martial arts most of my life and hold a third-degree black belt for Ju-Jitsu in the UK. I’m a recognised second-degree black belt in Japan.

I’ve been on stage with the Icelandic Eurovision song winners Lordi at Download Festival.

Give us three emojis to describe your team!

I’ve gone for the chap that looks intelligent as I thought I knew a good amount about SharePoint before I started here. Then I met the team and realised how vast the knowledge base was at Intelligent Decisioning.

The guy having a good chuckle as having only been here a week and I’ve managed to have a good laugh with the team.

And finally, the horns. After a team lunch I found that several of them, like me can be found in the sweaty crowds of some of the UK Rock and Metal festivals.

What have you enjoyed so far about being at Intelligent Decisioning?

To be honest…everything. It’s a great team to work with, the customers I’ve dealt with have all been pleasant and they got me a bacon sandwich on Friday (what’s not to love).

Have your perceptions about Intelligent Decisioning changed from what you knew about Id before?

Not really. The only things I knew about ID before I started where what I saw on their Website and what I learnt from the Interview.

The website described a good team and a good product…Tick

The interview described an easy group to get along with and good prospects for the future…Tick

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring people applying for Intelligent Decisioning?

Get involved. Whether you’re at the top of your fields or looking to get started, it’s very accepting here and with such a wealth of knowledge you won’t go far wrong.


Nick, Delivery Lead

Meet Nick our new Delivery Lead

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Get to know Nick! Our new Delivery Lead

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a self-confessed computer geek with a keen interest in computer gaming, coining the phrase, “geek it until it megahertz”.

I have an amazing wife (Lindsey) who works as a senior validator within the NHS, and 2 beautiful children, Lincoln who is 6 and Sienna who’s 2. I’m not a massive sport lover but I do have a strong passion for Formula 1 and really hope Lewis clinches the championship this year for Mercedes.

Give us some fun facts about you!

I worked out in Greece for several months when I was younger in bars, living the teenage dream.

I previously worked as a chef and still really enjoy cooking for my family.

Give us three emojis to describe your team!

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring people applying for Intelligent Decisioning?

Be yourself and convey your passion

ISO 27001 certification

Intelligent Decisioning become ISO27001 certified!

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We are proud to announce that we have just become ISO27001 certified.

ISO27001 is the de facto international standard for Information Security Management and it demonstrates a clear commitment to Information Security Management to third parties and stakeholders.

Also a big Thank You to Sam Wainwright for all of your hard work that contributed towards us becoming certified! We appreciate all of your help!


Joe, apprentice infrastructure technician

Meet Joe, our apprentice Infrastructure Technician

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As apart of our getting people into work scheme we are putting the spotlight on our new apprentice to share his experience at working at Intelligent Decisioning. Meet Our Infrastructure Technician Joe!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Joe, I’m 20 years old and I’m from a place called Bebington on the Wirral but I have moved to Nottingham to pursue a career in IT. My aim for the future is to climb as far up the ladder as I can and to continue to develop my IT skills, so I can be at the center of projects with big clients.

I am a highly motivated person who is passionate about new innovations, is always keen to take on new and unique challenges and isn’t scared of taking risks. I enjoy working at Intelligent Decisionings because no 2 days are ever the same, and I enjoy that I have been given responsibilities in client related projects from an early stage, showing the company has faith in me and is keen to get me involved as much as possible.

Give us some fun facts about you!

Outside of work, I am extremely passionate about sports and when I was younger represented either my school or local teams in 6 different sports. While nowadays I don’t play sports as much as I used to, I can still be found winning money on fantasy sports on Draftkings of a weekend and am very keen about my fitness and staying in shape.

Give us three emojis to describe your team!

I’ve chosen the handshake emoji as the team are all welcoming and supportive and always happy to help each other if someone is having an issue or needs to know anything. I chose the running emoji as a lot of the office are keen runners and some of us can be seen running around Strelley of an afternoon on a nice day. Finally, I chose the fire emoji as this is a very passionate team and this team all have a desire to improve themselves on a day to day basis and to carry out our work in the best way possible.

What have you enjoyed so far about being an Apprentice at Intelligent Decisioning?

I’ve really enjoyed the environment of the office so far, everyone is willing to work as hard as they can to bring the company forward but there’s a good balance of humor in the office to keep things from getting overly stressful. I’ve also enjoyed that the directors and senior staff have been very supportive of my progression and have made sure to always keep me busy. Additionally, I’ve enjoyed the down days I’ve been a part of so far as this has given me the opportunity to get to know the team outside of a working environment and has helped me settle in nicely to this job.

What has been one of your biggest challenges so far?

I would say one of my biggest challenges have been adjusting my lifestyle from being a student to now suit a 9-5 job and making sure I’m always in the right state of health to be on top of my game. Inside the office, I’d say my biggest challenges have been learning how to work with SharePoint and getting to grips with the Mercury Intranet this company provides, but I am relishing these challenges and have enjoyed the work I’ve been doing here so far.

Certificate No:377602021
Certificate No:288302018