Intelligent Decisioning’s Cadets Day Experience

At Intelligent Decisioning, we believe in giving back to our community and inspiring the next generation of leaders. Recently, our representative, Mark Cherry, had the honour of attending a Cadets Day event on behalf of Intelligent Decisioning. This event, organised by the East Midlands RFCA (Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association), provided an opportunity for Mark to engage with young cadets and share his insights into the IT industry and the work we do at Intelligent Decisioning.

Empowering Future Talent:

The Cadets Day event was a platform for cadets who were on the cusp of embarking on their further education or starting apprenticeships. It was a crucial stage in their lives where they were exploring various career paths and seeking guidance from professionals. At Intelligent Decisioning, we recognize the importance of supporting and empowering young individuals who are eager to shape their future.

Engaging with the Cadets:

Mark Cherry, our enthusiastic representative, spent the entire day interacting with the cadets, sharing his knowledge, and igniting their interest in the IT industry. Mark emphasised the significance of technology in today’s world and shed light on the exciting developments that Intelligent Decisioning is involved in. The cadets had the opportunity to ask questions, gain insights, and broaden their understanding of the IT landscape.

Supporting the Armed Forces Covenant:

As a company, Intelligent Decisioning takes great pride in our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant. This covenant serves as a pledge to support the men and women who serve in the armed forces, as well as their families. Our dedication to this cause has been recognized with the prestigious Silver Award.

By participating in events like Cadets Day, we aim to demonstrate our support and gratitude to the armed forces community. We believe in nurturing the potential of young cadets and providing them with valuable guidance as they embark on their professional journeys.

Inspiring the Future:

Our presence at Cadets Day was not only about sharing information but also about inspiring the cadets to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact in their chosen fields. By showcasing the opportunities available in the IT industry, we aimed to encourage their interest and passion for technology.

Intelligent Decisioning’s participation in the Cadets Day event, through the presence of Mark Cherry, allowed us to engage with aspiring young leaders and provide them with valuable insights into the IT industry. By sharing our expertise and supporting the Armed Forces Covenant, we hope to inspire and empower the next generation of talent. We remain committed to nurturing young individuals’ aspirations, enabling them to contribute positively to their communities and excel in their chosen careers.

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