Celebrating our Marketing Executive’s Graduation at University of Nottingham

It’s not every day that we get to celebrate the academic achievements of our team members. On the 14th of December, we all cheered for Syed Muhammad Salman Haider, our Marketing Executive, as he donned his cap and gown for the University of Nottingham‘s graduation ceremony. Our marketing consultant, Victoria Branch attended his graduation as it marks not only a personal milestone but also a professional one for Intelligent Decisioning.

We had a little chat with the new graduate:

Q: Tell us about the most intriguing project you tackled during your MSc.

Salman: Thanks! The most exciting project was a business simulation. It was like playing a strategy game but with real business skills—starting from scratch, balancing a tight budget across marketing, production, and operations, all while turning a profit. It was intense and incredibly educational.

Q: As a fresh graduate, what marketing trend do you think businesses should jump on next year?

Salman: It’s all about reels these days. Short, informative, benefit-oriented reels are the ticket to creating brand awareness and keeping your audience engaged and informed.

Q: Who keeps you company, musically, during work?

Salman: It’s Taylor Swift for me—always! Her music has the right mix of energy and storytelling that keeps me in the zone.

Q: Give us a fun fact or a hidden talent that no one at Intelligent Decisioning knows about you.

Salman: Well, aside from my marketing chops, I’m also a fashion stylist. So if anyone needs a style revamp, I’m your guy!

Q: Imagine you’re DJing for Intelligent Decisioning. What top 3 Taylor Swift tracks are we likely to hear on repeat?

Salman: I’d go with ‘Is it over now?’, ‘You’re losing me’, and ‘August’. Sorry in advance!

Q: Finally, how do you kick start your day, coffee or tea?

Salman: It’s tea for me. There’s nothing like starting the day with a soothing cup to get the gears turning.

Salman’s recent graduation is not just a testament to his dedication but also to the continuous learning culture we champion at Intelligent Decisioning. His journey from student to strategic marketer reflects our commitment to nurturing talent that pushes our collective thinking forward. Here’s to Salman, to many more achievements, and to the power of education in enriching our professional community.