Employee Spotlight: Nathan Slater, SharePoint Developer

In our ongoing “Employee Spotlight” series, we have the pleasure of introducing Nathan Slater, our esteemed SharePoint Developer. Let’s dive into a brief yet insightful interview with Nathan to learn more about his habits, inspirations, and music preferences.

Q: What is your go-to productivity hack?

Nathan: Clear and concise notes, it might seem simple but having good notes is a massive help with any work that I am doing.

Q: Do you start your day with coffee or tea?

I have changed over the last year and a bit from coffee to tea but it can vary throughout the day.

Q: If you could switch roles with anyone in the company, who would it be and why?

Nathan: I wouldn’t necessarily call it switching roles but working with Mark over the last year has shown me having a cool calm and collected approach to problem solving will result in a solution much quicker and is something I have really tried to adopt in my own way of working.

Q: Who’s your go-to background music singer while you are working?

Nathan: I couldn’t really name just one or 3 songs it changes day to day, but recently it has been a mix of Jamie Webster, Sammy Virji, Avicii and Nia Archives

Nathan’s insights offer a glimpse into his approach to productivity, his evolving morning routine, his admiration for a colleague’s problem-solving demeanor, and his eclectic taste in music. Join us in celebrating Nathan’s contributions to our team and wishing him continued success in his role as a SharePoint Developer.