MegaNav Configuration & Support

Enter a new era of SharePoint navigation with MegaNav

Configuration Options

  • Add graphical icons. 
  • Adjust font size, weight, and colour. 
  • Hide the Hub Navigation and the Site Navigation for reduced header bars. 
  • Add customisable headers and links. 
  • Configure tiles containing image and links. 
  • Add a free text box to display important information. 
  • Configure up to 4 drag and drop zones for easy customisation. 
  • Use Microsoft 365 audience targeting for Header, Links, Tiles Images. 
  • Add block colour tiles with links. 
  • Create subtitled headers. 
  • Add image selection from within any zone layout 
  • Bring back the beloved breadcrumb!


Support can be obtained by emailing or calling +44 0845 643 9726 (UK business hours only)