Office 365 Document Management: Introducing docCentrum

Compliance is becoming an ever more important facet of a company’s digital footprint.  

That’s why we have developed a digital workplace solution to help your organisation simplify the management of important organisational documents. 

docCentrum compliance and onboarding toolkit allows you to keep your employees compliant with training and HR related policies and provides a safe and secure place to store these documents. 

In this article, we have listed the key components of docCentrum and reasons why it’s functionality can benefit your organisation’s compliance process. 

The article will cover;

● Document management explained

● Document management for compliance

● Introduction to docCentrum

● Document management

● Document review 

● Test, Track & Review 

If you want to learn more about docCentrum document management, compliance & onboarding, continue reading below.

Office 365 document management: introducing doccentrum

What is a document management system?

Document Management Systems are an electronic place to store all of your documents. 

They can provide many benefits to your organisation including; 

● Faster document retrieval through searches

● The ability to more readily and easily protect documents

● The ability to restrict access or set role level permissions

● Improved data retention

● The ability to back up documents

● Access to documents from multiple locations simultaneously

● The ability to have an audit trail of documents accessed

● The ability to cross-reference documents and query data

● Greater ability to provide data security

Document management for compliance

Compliance is becoming an ever more important component of a company’s digital footprint, so it’s important to do all you can to ensure you’re meeting regulatory compliance in your organisation. 

Compliance is particularly important if you are an ISO accredited company with an accreditation such as ISO9001, ISO27001.

Document Management Systems can be used to store a range of different document types such as Microsoft Word, Excel documents, along with other typical document formats such as Adobe PDF.

A good Document Management System provides automated processes to collaborate on document creation and maintenance and to publish documents to the wider audience, according to their identity.

A Document Management System supports multiple identities, with each user having their own identity. Access to the documents in the Document Management Systems is strictly according to the access levels given to that identity.

Inbuilt audit within the Document Management Systems trails allow organizations and their customers to have assurances around access to data. It helps everyone sleep better at night when they know that there is a log of who accessed, modified, moved, or deleted records. Audit trails help safeguard the integrity of the information and the processes around data access. 

Document management solutions: docCentrum

Intelligent Decisioning have developed a document management solution – docCentrum, to help your organisation simplify the management of your company’s important documents, and sits within Microsoft SharePoint Online which is a part of a Microsoft Office 365 environment.

The docCentrum compliance and onboarding toolkit allows you to keep your employees compliant with training and HR related policies and provides a safe and secure place to store these documents. 

docCentrum can remind your document controllers that document reviews are necessary and issues tasks to ensure that the reviews are carried out in a timely manner.

Below, we have listed the key components of docCenterum and how it can provide a solution to organisational compliance.

Document Management

docCentrum provides a starter kit for enterprise document management with an extendable secure publishing and storage of documents providing a “single source of the truth” for all important assets.  

It allows the standardisation of document creation, storage, retention and access processes across the organisation. 

Some of its key features and capabilities are as follows: 

● Store the “Single Source of the Truth” for corporate documents quality controlled through an ISO compliant Information Architecture in multilingual sites  

● Keep the process for creating, collaborating, reviewing and publishing documents consistent across all areas of the business 

● Automated publishing from the Working Documents area to create or replace new Published Documents reduces inefficiencies in Document Publishing 

● Access to documents is controlled through a permission based security model built to your organisational needs.  

● Keep compliance with Quality Standards though metadata and review processes allowing you to easily add new document types through the building of a hierarchy of SharePoint Content Types

intranet document management system docCentrum

Test, Track & Review

docCentrum offers a simple and intuitive process for users to keep track of their reading assignments, including a clear confirmation process for users to explicitly acknowledge that they have read and understood the document training or other asset being tracked. 


Compliance (or acting according to a set of rules) is a fact of doing business. Ensuring your employees are compliant across training, policies and employee handbooks is an organisational nightmare! 

docCentrum eases this pain by creating time limited tasks to users and alerting them via email. 

It offers a simple and intuitive process for users to keep track of their reading assignments, by providing a clear confirmation process for users to explicitly acknowledge that they have read and understood the document. 

● Receipts are generated to confirm whether a user has or has not completed a reading task

● Creates time limited reading tasks to users, alerting them via email to keep employees informed

● Integrates seamlessly via SPFx web parts meaning that Tasks can be assigned in real time

Document compliance system


As a part of the docCentrum product, Recorder allows your organisation to track user interaction with corporate assets for audit purposes (e.g. updates to policy, procedures, employee handbooks, annual training etc.) allowing employers to track, test and trace employee tasks. 

Some of the key benefits are;  

● Consolidates all of a staff members mandatory and recommended reads into one easy-to-find place 

● Mandatory or recommended reads delivered immediately to staff members via their intranet, mobile device and document centre views

● Read receipts are stored indefinitely for every acknowledgement and are accessible through Power BI and Excel


The “Joiners/Leavers/Movers” (JML) process is one that should be applied in all organisations.  

The JML module in docCentrum allows the delivery of auditable tasks at the right time to the right person. 

Its key features include; 

● Send packs of documents, news, content, knowledge and video for new employees to work through when they join the company 

● Role based setup that allows for targeting of specific types of employees or areas of the business 

● Create bespoke packages or tasks to deliver to employees in various stages of their life with your company

● Ability to customise tasks to specific roles and mix and match to get the right tasks for the right person first time

● Have an auditable view of an employees progress through their tasks 

● Support multiple areas of the business as they onboard employees, suppliers, franchisees etc

● Task enable recurring actions such as annual training


The quiz feature in docCentrum enables you to test your employees’ understanding of a recently assigned task by creating quizzes that can be attached to the end of a test.  

The quiz features enables your company to;

● Quiz users on the documents they have been sent to read where tasks are not considered complete until the Quiz is complete 

● Multiple choice questions, free text questions and many more types are supported

● Simple easy to use Quiz designer allows custom quizzes to be assigned to any task

● Quiz results can be analysed in the Administration module to review the effectiveness of the questions

docCentrum quiz feature

Document Review

Document review is a set of tools, views and workflows that allows document owners, approvers or controllers to manage the review process to keep documents current and compliant.  

Some of the benefits of document review include; 

● Allows document owners, approvers or controllers a visual indication of the review process

● The ability to review, edit and re-publish controlled documents from a single place

● Automated email reminders for documents approaching and past a review date

● Ability to auto publish documents at review date if content has not changed

● Visual dashboards are available across the whole document lifecycle with configurable reviews initially set at 30,60 & 90 day reminders

● Power Automate flows to control the start and end of review periods

Document review in a document management system

Bringing it all together

The compliance wheel below demonstrates how document management, compliance and administration all work together to provide a full suite of tools that will complement those available in the security and compliance centre.

compliance wheel

Ready to adopt your new Document Management and Compliance Process? 

We hope you enjoyed this blog post! We would love to show you how docCentrum will benefit your organisation. We offer free demonstrations of the docCentrum capability and how it will help you get control of your documents so get in touch  with us now and speak to one our Document Management System specialists about our compliance solutions. Alternatively, give us a call +44 845 643 9726 or email

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