A Day in the Life of Ross Smith, our Agile Technical Team Lead

We pride ourselves on having a dynamic and diverse team, each bringing their unique skills and passions to the table. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Ross Smith, our Agile Technical Team Lead, who shares insights into his daily routine, interests, and the music that keeps him going.

Q&A with Ross Smith

Q: What is your go-to productivity hack?

Ross: “Avoid context switching! Context switching is when you’re jumping between various task and tooling, and since each day at ID can be different it’s important to recognise when you might be attempting to do too much at once. To avoid this every morning, I review my emails and digest what I need to get done each day. I then section out my day to provide enough time for each individual task then tick them off one by one.”

Q: If you could switch roles with anyone in the company, who would it be and why?

Ross: “I’d have to say Nathan Slater. Nathan is one of our developers and if anything, it’d be a chance to go back to my roots at ID. It’d give me an opportunity get my hands dirty working with code and refresh myself on the inner workings of our products once again. Though I’m not sure if Nathan would like to swap with me though!”

Q: Who’s your go-to background music singer while you are working?

Ross: “Knowing my colleagues, some of us are very into our music, this is the question I’m also the most curious to see others answer! Though I have multiple playlists with a lot of hours of music in, if I had to pick someone to listen to in the background I’d say Porcupine Tree. They are a British Experimental/Prog Rock band, so you hit shuffle then enjoy the journey while you work.”

Q: Share a fun fact or a hidden talent about you that no one at the company knows.

Ross: “I really enjoy bouldering. Whereas most my day is spent solving problems at a computer, bouldering lets me do the same thing, but using my body and moving around. The physicality of it helps keep me active, and a little bit appreciative that I get to sit in an office chair every day. Especially after a hard session the night before working on sending something new.”

Q: Do you start your day with coffee or tea?

“Tea! I have a morning routine that’s essentially set in stone that means I’m at my desk with a cup of tea ready to host the daily stand-up call every morning by 9:15am. Though it doesn’t end there. Anytime I feel like I’ve come to a good point in my working day, be it after a long task or series of short ones, I find my self popping the kettle on. Old habits die hard.”

We’re incredibly fortunate to have Ross as part of our team, bringing his unique blend of skills, enthusiasm, and experience to the table. It’s team members like him that make Intelligent Decisioning not just a workplace, but a vibrant community of diverse talents and personalities.