Enhancing Hybrid Work with docCentrum: our document management solution 

The hybrid work model is the new norm in the UK, offering a blend of in-office and remote work. This flexibility, however, introduces complexities in document management. docCentrum, our premier document management system, is designed to navigate these challenges, ensuring seamless document access and security across all work environments.  

The Hybrid Work Model: A New Frontier  

Hybrid work arrangements provide employees with the flexibility to work from various locations. This model requires a robust document management system that supports both on-premises and remote access.  

Challenges in Document Management: 

Managing documents in a hybrid setup involves:  

Version Control: Ensuring the integrity of documents as they are accessed and edited from multiple locations.  

Security: Protecting sensitive information from potential breaches in varied work environments.  

Accessibility: Guaranteeing that documents are available to all team members, regardless of their physical location.  

How docCentrum helps: 

docCentrum is our innovative solution tailored for the hybrid work model. It offers:  

Centralised Storage: A single repository for all documents, accessible from anywhere, at any time.  

Enhanced Security: Robust security protocols to protect your data, with customisable user permissions. 

Streamlined Workflows: Automated processes for document creation, categorisation, and approval, simplifying complex workflows.  

Mandatory Reads: Track who has read, and who hasn’t read, your organisational documents to maintain compliance with your accreditations 

The Role of SharePoint and M365: 

docCentrum integrates seamlessly with SharePoint and M365, leveraging their powerful features to enhance document management:  

SharePoint: Provides a secure and collaborative platform for storing and sharing documents.  

M365: Offers a suite of productivity tools that complement docCentrum’s capabilities, ensuring efficient document handling.  

docCentrum is the solution for businesses seeking to thrive in a hybrid work environment. By addressing the challenges of document management, it enables organisations to maintain productivity and security, regardless of where work happens. To learn more about how we can help your organisation, contact us at +44 845 643 9726 or click here to book a free demo.